Here at Mummy’s Make Up I promise to express my own honest opinions on products, services etc…

The whole point of blogging in my eyes is to express a honest and true opinion on something.

If I have been gifted a product or a service I will clearly state so.

We all have different opinions on products and we all have different skin types so some products work for some and not others. 

Always make sure to read any cautionary labels on products before trying them yourself.

All information given in one of my blogs regarding products is to the best of my knowledge and/or correct at the time (product pricing, availability etc…)

In regards to health and fitness posts, that is what worked for me which means it may not work for you, everybody is different. Always consult a professional for nutritional advice and the correct execution of exercises if you are concerned. 

I am not paid by any brand mentioned in any blog post, I will clearly state if I have been.



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