Penney’s Best Part 2 :)

A few weeks ago I did a blog on the best of PS Beauty in Penney’s and realised afterwards there were a few bits I forgot!

You can read the full list of products from the first blog in the link below.

I literally forget about all the good PS products I’ve used over the years, mainly because I’ve tried a lot of the stuff! So I thought a second blog is definitely worth writing as who doesn’t love Penney’s and a bargain 🙂

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Mayo Family Mini Break!

So after a rough couple of weeks I’m finally sitting down to do a blog! One that should have been done weeks ago but hey better late than never 🙂

Every year myself, Kayleigh and Kyle book a little trip away during the Summer. Even if it’s just for one night we make the most of it and make sure we pack a lot of activities into the trip.

We decided to head to Mayo this year.

I’ve never stayed in Mayo before (I don’t think I have anyway) so I was quite excited as it was somewhere new.

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Penney’s Best :)

Penney’s is a haven for all us Irish guys and gals!

They’ve really upped their game over the last few years with fantastic and affordable fashion! But in the last maybe 2 years their beauty range is out of this world!

The PS range can be hit and miss and I certainly have bought stuff just because it was cheap and looking at all the stuff I don’t use it annoys me that I’ve wasted quite a bit of money! I am definitely more responsible now sometimes coming out of the shop with nothing at all!

But there are some steals to be found in the PS Beauty department! Some products that you wouldn’t even think are Penney’s/Primark!

So please continue reading to see some of my favourite PS beauty products from Penney’s 🙂

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June/July Empties! Would I repurchase??

I seem to have a lot more empties lately which I like to see as a good thing because it means I am using the stuff I am buying!

Nothing worse than buying stuff and it’s falling to the back of a drawer or a make up case!

There’s a mix of skincare, bodycare, haircare, nails and make up! And quite a mix of opinions!

So continue reading to see if I would repurchase or not 🙂

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Kat Von D Lock It Liquid Foundation

Kat Von D beauty has had cult status for years in America but unfortunately it was not available to us in Ireland unless you paid a fortune in customs or had someone get it for you in the states!!

But when she announced they would be launching in Ireland make up lovers got a bit giddy (including myself) 🙂

So a few months on I finally purchased a product from the range.

I’ve heard amazing things about the Lock It foundation in particular and always wanted to try but didn’t want to purchase online.

So nearly 3 weeks ago when I was in Debenhams Cork I seen the Kat Von D section and said feck it I’d at least ask the assistant to try it on me. Continue reading

June Favourites!

Can’t believe we are into July already and I’ve been trying lots of new products that I am very excited about!

Some budget friendly and some a little more high end so please continue reading if you want to see what I have been loving in June 🙂

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A perfect weekend in Cork :)

Myself and Kyle are very blessed to have great support from our family in all aspects of life and especially with our daughter Kayleigh.

My mum had suggested months ago that we go away for a weekend together just the 2 of us and that she would mind Kayleigh.

So of course we jumped at the opportunity! But we were quite relaxed about where we wanted to go etc.. We decided on Cork (I have great time for Cork) and booked quite last minute.

Long story short we had the most amazing time from the accommodation to the food and the drinks 🙂 So if you are interested in finding out more please continue reading 🙂

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First Impressions – Abella Viva Tan Lotion Express.

The very kind people at Cosmetic Alliance sent me out a few products to try and one of them included was the Abella Viva 1 hour tan lotion.

I couldn’t wait to try this range of tan as I have heard great things but as always I have to see it to believe it.

I am particularly picky about fake tans as I have had some disasters so as always I will be completely honest and lets face it I have posted some negative honest reviews before.

So if you want to see how I got on with the express 1 hour tan lotion please continue reading.

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Everyday quick & simple make up!

I don’t have the luxury of spending ages doing my make up everyday, well I don’t even wear make up everyday but when I do it has to be quick and simple!

I decided to slap on a bit of make up yesterday to look somewhat presentable before we headed into Galway and I really liked it despite the simplicity.

So please continue reading if you are interested to see what products I used to create this simple daytime look.

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Activated Charcoal Masks for Him & Her :)

Activated charcoal is renowned for it’s benefits to the skin!

Activated charcoal draws impurities, dirt, chemicals and bacteria to the skins surface for easier removal & extraction. This in turn will make larger pores appear less visible and blackheads.

It is also great for a deep cleanse and treating acne because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

And when activated charcoal is mixed with other amazing ingredients for the skin the face mask will have a load of other benefits!!

Please continue reading for an in depth look and description of 2 masks for him & her that will help keep the skin clear!

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