No Make Up Day Favourites <3

Believe it or not I don’t wear make up everyday lol! It depends really but I may only wear it once a week or some weeks I may wear it 3 days. I feel because I have oily skin I do need to let my skin breathe quite a bit and not overload it with products.

But!!!…once I’ve dropped my daughter off to school I do like to put on some brows and a bit of mascara, makes me look alive!!

Please continue reading to see some of my favourite products to use for no make up days 🙂

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Would I repurchase?? – Another Empties Blog!

Empties blogs are the quickest way to tell if a product was good or not!

So without any rambling continue reading to find out what I thought of these products 🙂

empties blog pic

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Brightening under the eyes with concealer.

I don’t have the worst bags under my eyes, they don’t get puffy or swelled  but I can get dark circles and the skin appears looser & thinner making discoloration more obvious.

I have used a lot of concealers over the years and have finally found my favourites!

What I need in a concealer is a creamy consistency, does not mattify too quickly, easy to blend, long lasting, brighten the area, does not cake and does not settle into any lines.

I have 4 concealers to read about below ranging from high end to Penney’s finest so one to suit all budgets!!

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Penney’s dupe for Double Wear???

About a month ago everybody was raving on about this new foundation that PS Beauty had released and the word about the town was that it was an exact dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Now that’s some pretty big claims! Double Wear retails for about €40 and this “dupe” only retails for €6! Some difference!!

I have tried the Double Wear and to be completely honest I wasn’t blown away by it, I think because it is so hyped! I did a full blog on my thoughts about it, linked below.

Looking back it is not a bad foundation just not the most amazing foundation I have ever used either and personally I would not fork out €40 for it. I know that it is some peoples holy grails though because of staying power etc…

So…. could there be a foundation that does the same (or even better) for only €6?!?!

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Favourite Foundation Brushes <3

So I asked and you told me what you wanted 🙂

Foundation brushes was definitely a front runner but so was concealers. I am trialling a new concealer and really liking it so far so I may include it in that blog. But for now I want to talk a bit about my favourite and in my opinion the best foundation brushes!

It’s all well and good using an amazing foundation but if you don’t have the correct tools to apply it then your not getting the best outcome for your skin and getting a near flawless base.

I remember the days when we just used our fingers and if you were feeling mad you would use those rectangualr sponges when to be honest using fingers was probably the best option as the majority of foundation would just soak into the sponge. We’ve come a long way, now there’s literally thousands of foundation brushes on the market, we are inundated with choice and it can be quite confusing and overwhelmimg.

All foundation brushes pretty much offer the same thing, fuller coverage and easier blending (depending on the brush of course! There are some pretty bad brushes out there).

So without anymore blabbering please continue reading for my favourite foundation brushes.

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Blinding Highlight :) <3

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written something about highlight and thought it was a good time now to show 3 of my absolute favourites to give that blinding highlight!!!

For face and body I’ve got you covered 🙂

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January & Febuary Favourites <3

I don’t think I’ve done a favourites blog in quite awhile, not that I havn’t had any favourites but since Christmas I’ve had a lot more new favourites 🙂

From a primer that smoothes my skin & minnimises pores to hair care that is prolonging my colour and reducing frizziness. There’s a mix of everything 🙂

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Review – SoSu Hot Fire Palette.

Suzanne Jackson has created an amazing brand for herself of make up, nails & brushes. Fair play to her but naturally there is going to be scepticism because she started out as a blogger/influenecer, whatever you wan’t to call it!

And the hype surrounding her latest releases are huge!! So that is generally why I don’t buy into it straight away.

I’ve seen and read lot’s of reviews on this palette & to be completely honest when I first seen it in the shop and swatched it I wasn’t that impressed. BUT as with everything first impressions aren’t everything.

I received this palette as a gift for Christmas so was quite excited to play around with it and actually form an opinion on it myself.

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Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One.

So yes I am very late to the party when it comes to talking about this palette but you know me I very rarley buy into the hype of a beauty product instantly.

But!! And it is a big but, this palette did grab my attention as it has all those beautiful neutral shades ranging from deep browns to camel brown to tan brown and even burnt orange tones 🙂 So it was very pleasing to the eye when I first seen it and right up my street.

I then was hearing & reading rave reviews from friends and bloggers I genuinly trust so I knew I needed it! Long story short I seen it in Cara pharmacy with my mum on Black Friday weekend (2017) and asked her to get it for me for Christmas 🙂

So I couldn’t wait to open it Christmas day and start playing around with it and see was it really worth the hype!!

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Ultimate Reds for Valentines <3

Valentines and red are like a match made in heaven!

And I think red lips are synonymous with Valentines Day ❤

Valentines this year falls on a Wednesday so a lot of people may celebrate it the weekend before or after so if your going out for a meal, to the cinema, staying in or if your being scooped away for a weekend (lucky you) & looking for a new lipstick then look no further 🙂

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