Non Skincare Summer Essentials!!!

Soooo yeah we’ve been having a bit of a heatwave that’s lasting more than a week 🙂

Not complaining at all, I’m loving it!! But we do have to switch up make up, bodycare etc.. when this weather comes out so I thought I’d show you some products that I’m loving & are perfect for Summer!!

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Penney’s Newest Eyeshadow Palettes….Nude Addiction & Hey Honey.

So this range of palettes really caught my attention mainly because they look very similar to a certain Huda palette! And the colour scheme and consistency looked interesting, a nice mix of mattes and shimmers.

I went with the Nude Addiction which is very neutral with lot’s of browns & golds and the Hey Honey which has a few pops of colour but also some great crease shades.

I’m always very dubious of Penney’s PS eyeshadows but was very pleased with the single shadows they brought out so I had high hopes 🙂 Go on keep reading to see if this is a must have bargain beauty product or utter sh**e!!

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bPerfect Cosmetics, 10 Second Tan Medium Coconut Mousse.

Everyone and their mother has heard of bPerfect Cosmetics! They burst onto the beauty scene after an appearance on Dragons Den a few years back and they’ve just been getting bigger & bigger!

I tend to stay away from overly hyped products but when I won a giveaway of the mousse I couldn’t resist! And it was a perfect opportunity to try it out and let ye all know 🙂

So please continue reading for my full review of this tan and whether or not it’s worth the hype.

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HydraTest Intelligent Skin Analysis.

Three years ago I really took an interest in my skin. Before I would never apply eye creams, regular masks etc.. and I only took my make up off with wipes (that’s when I would take off my make up).

But when I turned 25 something happened and I thought Fu*k I need to take care of my skin!! It’s taken me awhile to see what works for my skin and what does not. I think that happens everyone, we never get it right straight away as we are all different and have different skin needs & types.

I have always been prone to breakouts so I have always had somewhat oily skin (oilier during certain times) but I also suffer from dehydrated/slightly dry skin on my forehead. And what I have realised in the last year or so is that yes I have oily skin but hydration is not the enemy. Hydration is what will keep my skin in tip top condition and looking better for longer! And the same goes for oil levels.

Once I had a steady and regular skincare routine the breakouts lessened thank god! But I of course still get a spot or 2. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be walking around a big shiny/greasy mess but using the correct products keeps my skin hydrated without the shine.

So being a bit of a skincare junkie I was very intrigued to see a product that claims to measure hydration and oil levels accurately in seconds. Let’s see was it a load of crap or does it really work.

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Glowing Summer Skin :)

For the past few weeks I have been loving glowy, dewy skin!!

I think it’s because of the weather. The sun has been out and I want a subtle glow that screams it’s summer bit**’s 🙂 And I’ve been doing the whole matte look for a very long time and I’m getting a bit bored with it!

I have combination skin (oily & dehydrated) so this is what works for me, especially the primer! So please continue reading if you want to find out what 4 products I’ve been loving lately.

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Sheet Masks, My Faves!

If you have not noticed by now, I am obsessed with sheet masks!!

When using a good one (has to be good) it instantly improves my skin and with prolonged use (I have been using them for over a year regularly) they have made such a difference to my skin.

I have combination skin, oily & dehydrated. Over a year on using sheet masks my skin has less breakouts, less shine/oil, hydration has increased and my skin looks much healthier.

I would highly recommend everyone (including men) to at least try using a few and just see the difference it makes. 

And if you are following me on Snapchat/Instagram you will see how regularly I go on about them and I get lot’s of questions about which are the best ones etc… And I always say it depends on your skin type, what your skin needs right now (hydration, deep cleanse etc..) So I thought it would be handy to put all my favourites in one blog post. So if you are interested please keep on reading 🙂

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Another Netflix Blog :)

I love Netflix!! So much that I have another 2 blogs on some other favourite series, documentaries etc.. I will link them below but if you want some new recommendations please continue reading.

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Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer Review

I’ve never seen a concealer to get as much hype as this has, yes the Catrice liquid camouflage got great hype but nothing compared to this! Even Jeffree Star is obsessed!

I love a good concealer and it’s no harm in having a few lying around as more than likely they will be used. It’s something you will use in every make up application. So when I started hearing and seeing all this hype I definitely wanted to try.

This concealer is described as “a concealer for everyone” with 25 shades ranging from fair to deep in cool, neutral & warm undertones. Also “lightweight yet full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, even skintone and counteract dark circles, with a matte finish that won’t settle or accentuate fine lines or pores”.

Also claims to be long wearing with a smooth application that won’t stretch or drag the skin. So that sounds AMAZING right….let’s see what I thought.

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Another Empties Blog :) Would I repurchase??

empties new pic

You know the drill, I’ve used up more beauty products and I wanna talk about them 🙂

Were they good? Were they bad? Would I repurchase?? 

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Penneys PS Beauty Favourites

Ok let’s be honest PS Beauty is absolutely killing it at the moment!!

In the last 2 years or so they have stepped up their game massively!!! With a larger than life make up collection now including dozens of palettes, pigments and foundations (just to name a few), an unbelievable skincare & tanning range and a fantastic false nails range. There’s something to suit everyone and all on a serious budget!!

Previously the quality of the products definitely reflected in the prices but as of recently the quality is outstanding with some product pricing increasing (still really affordable).

I also think that it gives us the chance to try different products/shades etc.. that we may never would have normally tried because of the price point. So we are getting the opportunity to be creative and to find what colours work best for us, what the best skincare is for your skin etc…  And especially for younger girls starting out with make up & skincare, Penney’s is a godsend!!

So without harping on much more here are my top PS Beauty/Penney’s buys 🙂

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