About Me!







Hello All! My name is Ciara and I am a full time mummy to my gorgeous daughter Kayleigh ❤ I have always had an obsession with make up, skincare, tanning and generally all things beauty!  I am a qualified beautician. I started this blog as I can talk about anything I want to really and if people want to read then that’s a massive plus 🙂 I am extremely honest when it comes to my opinions on a beauty product, service and anything really. I understand products work for some and not others but I will be completely honest about my thoughts and opinions.

I am striving for a healthier life so I regularly share healthy recipes and what exercising works for me. I lost quite a bit of weight recently so I like to document my journey. This may be helpful to some.

And also as I am a mother I like to share fun activities, holidays and days out as I feel this can be very helpful to other families.



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