Herbalife SKIN 2 week review

I love trying new skincare for many reasons. Firstly I just love seeing what products are out there and trying them! And then the obvious one I want to see how these products will work on my skin and will my skin benefit from using these products. I have heard of Herbalife before but just […]

Brightening under the eyes with concealer.

I don’t have the worst bags under my eyes, they don’t get puffy or swelled  but I can get dark circles and the skin appears looser & thinner making discoloration more obvious. I have used a lot of concealers over the years and have finally found my favourites! What I need in a concealer is […]

Penney’s dupe for Double Wear???

About a month ago everybody was raving on about this new foundation that PS Beauty had released and the word about the town was that it was an exact dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear. Now that’s some pretty big claims! Double Wear retails for about €40 and this “dupe” only retails for €6! […]