A perfect weekend in Cork :)

Myself and Kyle are very blessed to have great support from our family in all aspects of life and especially with our daughter Kayleigh. My mum had suggested months ago that we go away for a weekend together just the 2 of us and that she would mind Kayleigh. So of course we jumped at […]

First Impressions – Abella Viva Tan Lotion Express.

The very kind people at Cosmetic Alliance sent me out a few products to try and one of them included was the Abella Viva 1 hour tan lotion. I couldn’t wait to try this range of tan as I have heard great things but as always I have to see it to believe it. I […]

Everyday quick & simple make up!

I don’t have the luxury of spending ages doing my make up everyday, well I don’t even wear make up everyday but when I do it has to be quick and simple! I decided to slap on a bit of make up yesterday to look somewhat presentable before we headed into Galway and I really […]

Activated Charcoal Masks for Him & Her :)

Activated charcoal is renowned for it’s benefits to the skin! Activated charcoal draws impurities, dirt, chemicals and bacteria to the skins surface for easier removal & extraction. This in turn will make larger pores appear less visible and blackheads. It is also great for a deep cleanse and treating acne because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties. […]