More Netflix faves :)

I’m back with another list of Netflix favourites 🙂

I am in love with Netflix, I just love the fact I can watch anything at anytime with NO ads!!

I’m always watching something new and I’ve a few series to start watching and like the rest of the world I can’t wait for the second series of Making A Murderer!!

But until then check out some other shows that I love 🙂

The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 1-9)


I think everybody has seen The Big Bang Theory at this stage but I love it, I like watching it for something funny and not serious. It’s kind of like Friends for me where I could watch the same episode a few times and I enjoy it every time.

Glitch (2 seasons)


I don’t even know how I came across this series but I’m so glad I did! Basically it’s a paranormal series set in Australia when people return from the dead. Not scary at all just very interesting with a few twists and turns. 

Gavin & Stacey (2 seasons)


One of my all time favourite shows! This show is why I fell in love with James Corden 🙂 Very funny show about 2 people from 2 very different areas who fall in love and the dynamics with the whole family. It’s a pity theres only 2 seasons on Netflix but well worth a watch.

Louis Theroux (4 sets of documentaries)


Love a good documentary and each of Louis’s documentaries are very different but all extremely interesting on some very controversial topics. One of my favourite documentaries would be from the L.A Stories where Louis explores the measures California imposes on convicted sex offenders. He also spent time in “The City Addicted to Crystal Meth” which was eye opening.

Power (4 seasons)


Power was definitely a show for me where I would binge watch!! The amount of twists and turns in it was unbelievable! You’d literally be on the edge of your seat watching this! Can’t wait for season 5 which will apparently be uploaded to Netflix a week after it airs in the US.

Fargo (2 seasons)


There are 2 seasons but I didn’t really like the second season to be honest. But the first season was brilliant! Very quirky series set in Minnesota (love the accent) about murder and escaping it. Outstanding acting as well!

Precinct Seven Five


A must see!!! Corrupt cops in New York who ruled! It’s actually quite scary to think the people who are meant to protect you were off dabbling in drugs and much more!! 

Happy Valley (1 series)


Quite frankly one of the best series I’ve ever watched! Non stop drama and excitement from the get go. A Yorkshire police sergeant pursues the man who assaulted her late daughter and on top of that she’s investigating a kidnapping. All stories intertwine and I was an emotional wreck for parts of it! Outstanding series.

Audrie & Daisy


An American documentary on cases of the rape of young teenagers. It takes us through everything. The cyber bullying, harassment, court documents and police investigations. Its truly shocking in parts that the girls were harassed themselves. Warning, you will be left feeling angry after this.

Amanda Knox


Documentary about Amanda Knox who was famously convicted in Italy for the murder of her British room mate. Very, very strange documentary but extremely fascinating. I don’t know who to believe! Again a few twists and turns that will leave you questioning everybody.

Ciara ❤



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