Bellamianta Rapid Mousse Review

This “holy grail” hyped false tan has been around for awhile now and I’d wanted to try it because of the amazing reviews it was getting.

The main reason I wanted to try this tan was after I got the Bellamianta spray tan which I thought was amazing! Full review here >>>

So after the spray tan I thought I need this tan in my life so I can use it whenever I want!

My boyfriend gifted me a Bellamianta Christmas gift set last Christmas so I was delighted and couldn’t wait to try it!

As always I shower, shave, exfoliate & moisturise the day before.

I regularly exfoliate and moisturise anyway.

The Bellamianta website claims this tan is bursting with natural extracts and is the ultimate skin treatment for all skin types in particular dry skin.

It claims the tan dries in 60 seconds and with it’s light formula it hydrates the skin ensuring the tan wears evenly and with no fake tan smell.

After 2 hours wear you will get a light tan, after 4 hours a medium tan and after 6 hours a dark tan with no transfer to clothes.

It claims to be water resistant and will last up to 7 days.

It also claims to be streak free and easy to use.


I personally found it quite difficult to apply. I found it dried too quick (definitely less than 60 seconds) so it didn’t spread as easily as I thought. So I then had to use more tan to try and blend it and ensure even coverage.

Even after blending it patches and streaks would occur.

I disagree with the “no tan smell”. But I personally don’t mind a false tan having that “tan” smell.

It progressively got worse as the hours went on.

I showered after about 4.5 hours, not using any shower gel etc.. I showered until the water ran clear.

After the shower the tan was much better but still a few streaks and patches.

It was extremely light on my legs and quite patchy on my feet.

But on my arms, chest and neck it was a nice light tan. There was a bit of streaking on my forearm and my elbows were a bit dirty looking.

After a second shower the tan is pretty much non existent even though I moisturise daily, particularly when I have tan on.

I am very disappointed with this tan considering all the hype it garnered and considering the price tag is not cheap.

And a lot of people lately have been telling me they were also disappointed with it.

I find the St. Moriz Developing Mousse much better and considering it’s a fraction of a price it’s a much better choice!! Full review of the St. Moriz here >>>

Overall I would not recommend the Bellamianta Mousse Tan but if you are interested it is available here >>>

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful! May have saved you some money 🙂

What tans have you been left very disappointed with??

Ciara ❤






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