10 small changes to a healthier you!

I know January can be extremely tough! With weight gain over Christmas and finding it so hard to get back into the swing of things in January (believe me I know)! But making a few small changes can make all the difference!

I have compiled a list of some really small changes that can be very easily done!

You just have to commit to them and remind yourself every morning of these changes.

We all have slip ups (I’d be the first to admit that) but as one of my favourite motivators said “I’d rather be consistently trying than inconsistently perfect”.

Please keep reading for the list 🙂

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

I know, such an obvious/boring one but you’d be surprised that by actually using your legs more and upping your steps your improving your heart health. It is also contributing to your daily workout.

Park further away.

Again a reason to move more! Whenever I am going food shopping or to a shopping centre for example I park quite far away, it drives everyone else mad but sure it is slightly improving our overall health. Obviously if I have my daughter and it’s raining I of course park closer 🙂

Replace sparkling soft drinks with sparkling water.

Ditching a Fanta or Coke and opting for a sparkling water is a step in the right direction. Sparkling soft drinks are laced in sugars and sweeteners so having them quite regularly is most definitely not helping your health. Even if you added a small bit of no added sugar juice/cordial to your sparkling water, it’s much better than having Coke. Diet Carbonated drinks have much less sugar but they put in more sweeteners which are just as bad. Just to make this clear, very rarely I will have a sparkling soft drink but no way to the extent that I used to. Credit to therenegadepharmacist.com for the imagery.

Include vegetables in your dinner.

Sounds a bit obvious but I mean put veg into everything! For example I put carrots, broccoli and even garden peas into fajitas. We always have bags of frozen veg in the freezer just to up our vegetable intake and we also include fresh veg which is usually peppers, mushrooms and onions. Whatever veg you have, pop it into your dinner. You’d be surprised at how tasty it is!

Switch from white pasta to wholewheat pasta.

White pasta is stripped of vitamins & minerals. It is a quick acting carb that can spike your blood sugar levels which will in turn lead to cravings and weight gain. Wholewheat pasta contains more fibre, protein and nutrients.

Ditch jarred sauces.

Unfortunately a lot of sauces from a jar have a crazy amount of sugar and salt. It is so easy to make a lot of sauces now with minimal ingredients and you will know exactly what has gone into it. Get creative by adding spices & herbs. Here is one example of a sauce I love to make >


Buy a kettlebell.

You can get kettlebells as light as 2kg (I think) and upto 16kg but if you are a beginner start off light. You can find many kettlebell exercises online now and the kettlebell may come with an instruction leaflet. You can do kettlebells while watching your favourite tv show or do it while watching the dinner. Kettlebell exercises are a whole body movement. For more information have a look here >


Increase your herbal tea intake.

I am a massive advocate for the benefits of herbal tea. And I am definitely someone that strongly disagrees with this new wave of skinny/diet teas out there. A box of herbal tea will only cost you about €1 in Lidl/Aldi and as far as I am aware does the exact same thing as these new diet teas. I have a full blog on why I love herbal teas here which will explain in more detail >


Increase your water intake.

A very obvious one but it works! I am talking about still water here and I think we all know the benefits of water but you need to be drinking about 2/3 litres of water a day. Do that for a month and I guarantee you, you will notice a difference. 

Walk instead of driving.

For example if it’s not raining and you need to pop to the shop for just a few small things then walk instead of driving. I for one can be very guilty of driving just 2 minutes up the road for a litre of milk but in the last week I have really tried to make a conscious effort to walk instead of driving. The more steps we take the better 🙂

All we need to do to improve our overall health is just adapt certain things in our life.

It’s January so I think it’s a perfect time to rid of old habits and start new ones 🙂

Do you have any super simple changes that will increase our health?? Please let me know by commenting below.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful 🙂

Ciara ❤




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