Whiter Teeth in 1 Week!!

I for one always want whiter, stain free teeth! As we get older our lifestyle can affect the shade of our teeth. Tobacco, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and fruit juices can stain the teeth. Teeth will also naturally stain as we get older as the enamel wears thin allowing the underlying yellow to shine through. […]

January Favourites :)

I was very fortunate to get a few beauty bits for Christmas and I am already in love with quite a few! There’s a mix of skincare and make up in there which I’ve been loving 🙂 Now no more rambling, onto the favourites 🙂

Sleek VS. Make Up Revolution Contour Kits!

Both Sleek and Make Up Revolution have very similar looking contour palettes. Personally I love both brands so naturally when I seen a similar palette to the Sleek Face Form I wanted to get it! Also the Sleek Face Form has been one of my absolute favorites for a long time so I really wanted […]

10 small changes to a healthier you!

I know January can be extremely tough! With weight gain over Christmas and finding it so hard to get back into the swing of things in January (believe me I know)! But making a few small changes can make all the difference! I have compiled a list of some really small changes that can be […]

Pulled muscle :( What happened & what I’m doing now!

At the moment I am out of the gym due to pulling a muscle in my back 😦 So I am fairly miserable not being able to do classes and very limited on what exercises I can do. I was in a minor car crash about 11 years ago where I suffered a soft tissue […]


I love browsing online looking at beauty products but I get most excited about new and upcoming products. A few have definitely caught my eye and thought I would share them! Please continue reading to see whats new.

Full Coverage Foundations – My recommendations!

More and more now people are looking for a full coverage foundation! And more brands are now supplying full coverage foundations but there needs to be one to suit every skin type. I personally love a full coverage foundation as I have discolouration, open pores and sometimes slight breakouts. My skin at the moment is […]

2016 Disappointments!!

As there have been lots of favourites in 2016 of course there is also going to be disappointments! I am only including products that I was very disappointed by and not Penney’s products for example. Just to point out that products work differently on everybody so something that I found disappointing doesn’t mean that you […]

Flawless Natural Basics Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette :)

The minute I seen this on line I was smitten! All the shades looked right up my street and we all know I am obsessed with highlight so it was a no brainer I wanted it 🙂 It is the first Flawless product I have tried but had heard so many good reviews on the […]