UltraPure Laboratories Rose Water & Rosehip Oil.

During the Winter my skin needs that extra pick me up with a burst of hydration and gentle toning.

I regularly use Rose Water to gently tone my skin which is fantastic for all skin types including sensitive. It is a delicate cleanser, make up remover and toner.

I love the light fragrance, it is so fresh and floral.

It has a different effect on each skin type. It cools sensitive skin gently, it purifies normal skin and it has a balancing and toning effect on oily skin. It is also great for dry/dehydrated skin as it can soften, hydrate and rejuvenate. So overall it is fantastic for combination skin.

I generally use Rose Water after I have cleansed my face to remove any excess make up whilst it is also helping to soften the skin and balance oil production.

I then follow with the Rose Hip Oil which I have been using for over a week and I think I am in love with this product!

As you would have read here and seen on my Snapchat I usually use the MooGoo Tamanu oil which is fantastic for my skin when it is predominantly oily but since Winter came my skin needed more hydration without sending my oil production into overdrive.

Rose Hip Oil is also great for combination skin.

It acts as a barrier to lock in the moisture for the skin.

It can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring.

I use 3 drops once a day and apply to my face and neck. What I love is that you can feel the oil on the skin but does not look greasy or shiny.

Naturally it soaks in quicker on my forehead so I apply the majority of the oil to my forehead.

Sometimes I apply my regular moisturiser about an hour after application of oil. But some days I do not apply moisturiser afterwards.

The two major improvements I have noticed are the skin on my forehead is much smoother and fine lines aren’t as pronounced because my skin is plumper due to the hydration and nourishment and I have not had a breakout as of yet. 

My skin looks much healthier and clearer.

I am assuming it is the Rose Hip Oil and/or Rose Water that is the cause of the reduction of acne and breakouts as nothing else has changed in my skin care routine or make up routine.

I will definitely continue using these products as I feel they have vastly improved my skins condition. I am really hoping these effects continue and will update this blog in the next few weeks. 

*UPDATE JANUARY 2017* I stopped using the Rose Hip Oil due to sheer laziness of skincare over Christmas and after about a week my skin was in bits 😦 The breakouts returned with more than usual. I instantly knew it was because I stopped using the Rose Hip Oil.

Diet was definitely a factor also but within 2 days of using the Rose Hip Oil again my skin had significant improvement!

UltraPure Laboratories Rose Hip Oil is definitely a staple in my skin care now!

UltraPure Laboratories is available in pharmacies nationwide and for more information please visit http://www.ultrapurelabs.ie 🙂

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* I was very kindly gifted these products by UltraPure Laboratories in collaboration with Irish Blogger Agency. As always these opinions are my own and 100% honest and truthful.




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