Best classes for a full body workout.

I had never done any fitness classes until I started in FITTSTEPS but I was always intrigued by them and now I can say I am actually a little obsessed with them.

Yes they are extremely tough but the satisfaction you get from them and how accomplished you feel afterwards is amazing. Most classes are only 30-45 minutes and you get in an amazing workout in such a short period of time.

I have tried quite a few classes in the 5 weeks that I have been there and I have some firm favourites.

What I love about the classes is the variety. For example the Core class isn’t just sit ups and crunches, its everything from TRX to cardio to planks. Also every HIIT class is different. It ensures there is no boredom every week and keeps it exciting & interesting.

Here are some of my favourite classes for a full body workout >>>

30 minute Core

This class is about 30/40 minutes and somedays can be interval work or on the spot work. The attendance of the class says it all as each time I’ve been it’s packed! Everything is done in this class from sprinting with a weight ball to push ups, wall sits to TRX and even boxing sometimes. Jess is fantastic at mixing up the classes and pushing you to try harder (which I definitely need sometimes). There is obviously core work involved which I found I was quite weak at to begin but I am slowly getting stronger. 

HIIT Training

By far personally the toughest class for me but the most rewarding. It is a 30 minute high intensity class with usually 5 rounds of 5/6 workouts with only 30 seconds break in between each round. For example tonights class included push ups, plank leg lifts, squats, wall sits and kettlebell swings. Generally 20-30 reps for each workout. Jess also throws in an extra exercise between the rounds to really push us. This class sounds very intimidating but I would so urge you to try at least one class. I feel very proud of myself afterwards.

15*15*15* Full Body 

I love this class as it incorporates TRX which I am really enjoying. You can literally work any part of the body using TRX ropes. This class is usually 15 minutes on TRX, 15 minutes of core work and 15 minutes of a variety of exercises. TRX is suspension training that allows the user to work against their own body weight. Fantastic all over workout that I would highly recommend!


And lastly Kettlebells with Suzi 🙂 I am obsessed with this class, we get a fantastic workout in and I feel fantastic afterwards. I will say though after my first class I was extremely sore around the hips and pelvis due to those muscles probably never being used lol 🙂 Suzi is an excellent motivator & instructor and shes so nice. She changes up the routine which keeps it interesting. This class is about 45 minutes including warm up and cool down. You also can start with a lighter kettlebell and work your way up to 16kg. I am currently using the 8kg kettlebell (for all classes) and believe me its still tough after 5 weeks lol 🙂 A Kettlebell workout combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Suzi also does Zumba classes and works out of different locations. For more information please visit >>>

These 4 classes are my favourites at the moment, I am very interested in trying more! I have fallen in love with fitness classes for many reasons. The obvious being I am improving my health & fitness but also I love the social interaction. Jess and Suzi are so friendly and really want you to get the most out of the class.

Do not forget to bring a bottle of water to a class!! If you are anything like me I need to take lots of sips throughout the class on breaks.

I am now understanding that with weight and strength training it is actually slimming me down with fat and inch loss. It is also toning which power walking alone was not doing. 

One piece of advice is to throw out the scales as for too long I was fixated on my weight thinking a smaller number was better when in fact I look & feel way better now and I actually think I am heavier when it comes to kg.

So if you were thinking of trying a class, go for it!! You will know what you like and don’t like! 

For more information on rates and class timetables please visit >>>

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful 🙂

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Ciara ❤



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