UltraPure Laboratories Rose Water & Rosehip Oil.

During the Winter my skin needs that extra pick me up with a burst of hydration and gentle toning. I regularly use Rose Water to gently tone my skin which is fantastic for all skin types including sensitive. It is a delicate cleanser, make up remover and toner. I love the light fragrance, it is […]

Trying not to over indulge this Christmas.

I love Christmas, actually obsessed with it! Mostly because family and friends get together more and it’s usually at family dos and/or going out for dinner & drinks! And nothing beats a good Christmas dinner so I thoroughly enjoy that! But I find the festive period is getting longer and longer lately with it all […]

Best classes for a full body workout.

I had never done any fitness classes until I started in FITTSTEPS but I was always intrigued by them and now I can say I am actually a little obsessed with them. Yes they are extremely tough but the satisfaction you get from them and how accomplished you feel afterwards is amazing. Most classes are […]

Nourishing Mask for Troublesome Combination Skin.

Winter is always a terrible time for my skin. It doesn’t know whether it’s oily, dry or dehydrated so it decides to be all three 😦 It’s very hard to find a product that does not break you out and/or make your skin oilier when you have predominantly breakout prone and oily skin whilst trying […]

Essence The False Lashes Mascara.

Over the weekend I was browsing through the Essence stand in Penney’s, as you do because it’s all so affordable 🙂 And I came across 2 mascaras relatively new to me. I am a massive fan of the Essence Lash Princess mascaras, so I wanted to try 2 different Essence mascaras. Check out a review of the […]

Sligo Christmas Shopping Break :)

This is me and mum’s seventh year going to Sligo for our annual Christmas shopping break. It began when the pound to euro conversion rate was excellent so we started shopping in Asda in Enniskillen and would stay in Sligo and also do a bit of shopping 🙂 Even when the conversion rate was terrible […]

Review: Timeless Truth Bee Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask.

I am loving bio cellulose masks at the moment. Bio cellulose is a cloth sheet that increases penetration of the product into the skin 10 times more effectively in comparison to regular masks. Bio Cellulose is natural and safe. My skin has been up in a heap since the cold weather crept in so it’s […]