Losing inches :) How I lost 5 inches!

I have been attending classes and personal training sessions in FITTSTEPS Craughwell County Galway for 3 weeks, doing a mixture of classes and personal training sessions. All thanks to the lovely Jessica calling it Blogger Bootcamp 🙂

I am loving it all, obviously for the results I am seeing but also the social aspect. Everybody attending the classes are so friendly and all have the common interest in getting fit. I certainly don’t feel self conscious, as I know some people can feel embarrassed or don’t want to go on their own. It is not like that at Fittsteps.

Jessica is so nice but at the same really pushes you as she wants to see you get the best results possible, she also focuses more on loss of inches rather than pounds.

The last few days I knew I’ve been premenstrual as I was craving all the wrong foods and giving in sometimes. So when I weighed in today I had a feeling I could be up weight and I was actually ok with that because it could also mean I was gaining muscle.

So I stepped on the scales and Jess did my measurements.

I was very apprehensive.

To my surprise I lost .1 of a kg so essentially I am at the same weight of 11 stone 9lbs (76.1kg). It’s a miracle lol 🙂

I am delighted with my measurements! I have lost in total 5 & a quarter inches. 1 & a quarter off my waist, 2 inches off my hips and a small bit off my thighs and arms. Jess also commented how my arms are starting to have a small bit of definition.

So to start with diet, I will disclaim first I had a ridiculous amount of takeaways over the last 10 days let’s say 😦 I think it was 4 😦 The last one was Supermacs when we went into Galway to the Christmas Market. I also did have a few drinks over the weekend but that would be relatively normal.

A general breakfast would be scrambled eggs on low gi toast or grilled rasher pitta, recipe here >>>


For lunch I was loving chicken wraps or chicken salads with lot’s of salad and veg, I used Lighter than light mayonaise with Cajun spice mixed in on the wrap. I also had soup the odd day.

For dinner I had Spagetti Bolognese, recipe here >>>


I attempted a healthier shepards pie using sweet potato instead of white potato.

Fajitas/Spicy Mince Wraps were also made.

I also ate plain dinners with turkey mince, sweet potato mash and fresh vegetables (broccoli, peas etc…)

I am a terror for snacking! So for example today I had 2 crackers with butter and cheese and was offered taytos but said no 🙂 I am making a conscious effort to stay away from the very obvious bad stuff.

Without fail I am drinking at least 4 litres of water a day and having about 4/5 cups of herbal tea a day. I am having the odd cup of normal tea with milk, no sugar.

Cannot stress the importance of drinking water, it certainly works for me.

Now onto the exercise! Without exercise I wouldn’t be losing inches or weight.

Since the last blog I have had 1 personal training session, Kettlebells with Suzi, Cardio Bounce, 30 minute core and 15*15*15* Full Body!

I tried 2 different classes this week, the first being Cardio Bounce.

Cardio Bounce uses a rebounder (looks like a mini trampoline). It is a high energy cardio class mixed with strength training. 

I was absolutely terrified of the rebounder as I know I have no coordination and my balance is a bit off lol So I was quite nervous about this class and did not know what to expect.

This class is amazing for an intense cardio class but without the boredom! Jess has an excellent way of keeping you on your toes in class and the change up in exercises really keeps it exciting and interesting! I found this class to be brilliant and was sweating buckets afterwards, which is always a good thing!!

Upon reading up on cardio bounce it allows you the benefits of high impact cardio without any impact on the joints, making it easier on the knees etc…

15*15*15* Full Body was another new class I tried! This class is basically 15 minutes of TRX, 15 minutes of core/ab (sit ups, russian twists, plank etc..) work and 15 minutes of circuit training doing everything (boxing, skipping, weights etc…)

I really enjoyed this class! I am realising I love the interval/circuit training classes as you are doing lots of different exercises to target different parts of the body. I am seriously loving TRX, I love that you can literally work every part of the body with the straps. It is quite tough but so worth it! And afterwards I feel very accomplished.

I am not going to lie it is tough and I do have to stop for a few seconds sometimes. But if you really want it you get back up and continue.

Jess also changes up the classes sometimes so for example two 30 minute core classes aren’t the same.

For more information on other classes please visit >>>


At the moment my favourite classes are Kettlebells, 30 minute Core & 15*15*15* Full Body!

All the classes and pt sessions are definitely the reason behind me losing inches. I’ve realised it’s so much more important to build muscle whilst losing fat as the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and in turn will help increase your metabolism. 

I can’t wait to see the changes over the next few weeks and will keep ye updated 🙂

For more information please visit >>>



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Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful, for more health & fitness related content please follow my social media links below 🙂

Ciara ❤


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