First Impressions – Le Mara Seaweed Face Mask

I was beyond excited with the return of Le Mara skincare to Aldi Ireland.

I loved the micellar water and everybody had raved about the face mask but could never get my hands on it 😦

Full blog on the Le Mara micellar water here >>>

Please keep reading to find out my first impressions on the face mask 🙂

The La Mara range was released to all Aldi’s Sunday just gone the 27th November.

It is described as a gentle yet deep cleansing clay mask formulated with natural algae extracts to promote healthy, fresh youthful looking skin.

It is rich in organic seaweed that is harvested in the west of Ireland.

It contains natural clay and seaweed extracts.

You get a good deal of product for the price. The product also comes in packaging that can be cut open.

Retails for €4.99 🙂

The mask itself has a very creamy, light consistency which is very easily spreadable. A little goes a long way.

Mask had a very light scent.

Felt very cool and refreshing on the skin.

Dried very quickly which is normal for a clay mask.

Skin felt incredibly soft afterwards but slightly tight. I applied my usual moisturiser etc.. about 10 minutes afterwards and the tightness disappeared.

Skin felt amazing the next day, very soft, refreshed, healthy looking and no breakout.

Overall I think this mask is fantastic and really affordable.

I would highly recommend this mask for oily, spot prone skin.

It is a special buy in Aldi stores so when it is gone it’s gone!

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful 🙂

Ciara ❤


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