Review – Timeless Truth Snow Algae & Hyaluronic Bio Cellulose Facial Mask.

Since the cold weather has come in my forehead has become quite dry and dehydrated. Feeling rough to touch but no flaking or patchiness. 

I find I am applying a much thicker, nourishing moisturiser to my forehead at night to combat this problem and when wearing make up I will avoid using a matte primer or setting powder on my forehead.

So when I was very kindly sent out this mask I was delighted as it couldn’t have come at a better time!

First off it’s not a very common ingredient in face masks which quite intrigued me.

Please keep reading to find out more about the mask and how I got on.

Snow Algae is a hardy plant found on glaciers and snow in Switzerland. Because of it’s extreme conditions it has amazing properties and benefits for the skin.

It claims to boost collagen production and control tissue hydration.

Another main ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is a very popular and wanted ingredient in moisturisers, face masks etc.. 

Hyaluronic acid holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and provide a youthful look.

Bio Cellulose, which is the fabric, is extremely water friendly as it has amazing fluid holding capacity so whatever product is on the fabric, it will stay there until transferred to your face.

The mask itself has plenty of serum and was very easy to apply. It stayed on my face no problem with no slips.

Again like the eye mask, I found this mask incredibly refreshing and soothing. I could feel the moisture soaking into my skin.

I left the mask on for the full 20 minutes. All the product had soaked into my forehead and I massaged the rest of the remaining product around my face.

My skin felt incredible afterwards but a true test to a face mask is to wait until the next day. As usual after the mask I applied moisturiser to lock in moisture.

Amazingly I did not have any breakouts or even small pimples the next day. My forehead did feel smoother but I will definitely have to use this mask possibly 3 times a week for best results as the skin on my forehead is extremely dry/dehydrated at the moment.

It’s such a contrast to what my skin was like a few months ago. And I am shocked that my skin could even be slightly dehydrated as I am constantly drinking water. I feel it could be elements somewhat out of my control, as in the weather, central heating etc…

Overall, I would highly recommend this mask.

I am loving the bio cellulose masks, they feel much more luxurious, almost like you are having a professional facial. 

This mask available to buy individually for €9.53 or a box of 5 for €39.80. 

This product is available here to purchase >>>

Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Mask

To see more sheet masks available please click the link below.

Visit Beauty Belle Website

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful.

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