How I lost 5lbs in 1 week!

As you all probably know I have been feeling quite annoyed about my lack of motivation, exercise and my worry about weight gain.

I had worked so hard to lose 2 stone and kept it off for a long time but in the last 2/3 months the weight has slowly crept up.

I started power walking again nearly 2 weeks ago going out the odd evening but it was better than nothing and I was  a bit more conscious of what I was eating. I also upped my water & herbal tea intake.

But then I got a fantastic opportunity which I could not pass up!

I have always been intrigued and interested in doing a fitness class and personal training.

The lovely Jessica at FITTSTEPS Training offered me an incredible opportunity to do some classes and personal training sessions.

FITTSTEPS is located in Craughwell County Galway.

Jessica Keniston is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, pre & post natal specialist and nutritional advisor.

I saw this as a challenge and the ultimate motivation! As I knew that I would be documenting this journey through the blog and all my social media, I knew I had to give 110%. I wanted the best results possible for myself.

I first met Jessica at my assessment where she essentially assessed what I was capable of. She took my measurements and weight. She also wanted to know what I ate, what my goals are etc…

I am unsure of my measurements but my weight was 76.9 kilograms (12st 1lb).

I instantly noticed how amazing the workout space is! Very open, cool and the music is amazing 🙂

The assessment alone felt like a full work out lol but I knew I was in good hands. She explained every exercise in detail, was great motivation and was very patient. Keep in mind, I have not been in a gym in about 6 years so I really hadn’t a clue what I was doing. The assessment consisted of weights, cardio, TRX and ab/core work.

Over the course of the week I have done a Piloxing class, Personal Training Session, Ab Core Class and Kettlebells class. 

Piloxing is a mix of Pilates, Boxing and Dance. It was actually so much fun! Definitely hard work and realised how badly coordinated I am lol. I really enjoyed this class and the music really keeps you going! The class is 1 hour and it actually went quicker than I thought it would. 

The personal training session had a mix of everything! Weights, TRX, Core work, Kettlebells and Cardio. I found this extremely tough! Found the TRX the hardest. It is an AMAZING workout as you can literally work every single muscle in the body. I definitely need to work on the TRX. TRX is resistance suspension training using your own body weight.

Next up was the 30 minute Ab Core Class. I absolutely loved this, found it very tough but loved that it was interval training  where you do around 15 different aerobic/resistance exercises for a specified time. It was a very busy class and everyone was so nice, helpful and friendly. There was a great community spirit and almost felt like we were all a team trying to finish it 🙂 Will definitely be doing this class again! 

Kettlebells with Suzi. I completely underestimated this class being completely honest. It was also intervals, 2 specific exercises for 3 rounds, 40 seconds each. This class works the arms, legs, tummy, everywhere!! It was very tough but Suzi is a great motivator! The music is also great! I found my arms are quite weak and mountain climbers are the devil!! But I really did like the class, it was about 50 minutes and I got a fantastic workout in 🙂

I started super healthy eating on Monday the 14th. Jessica sent me a tailored meal plan which I stuck to best I could. But I actually found myself on the Monday not eating enough. I think I was going a little too far on the Monday and quickly realised I am not a happy bunny when hungry lol

A typical breakfast was scrambled egg & wholemeal/low gi toast or wholemeal pitta with grilled rashers & rocket.

A typical lunch was a salad, recipe here >>>

A typical dinner was Fajita Chicken with broccoli, peppers & mushroom using Cajun Spice or a stir fry, recipe here >>>

I also made sure I was having 2-3 litres of water a day and herbal teas instead of normal tea.

I regularly snap my  breakfast, lunch, dinner so feel free to add me at “mummymakeupblog” if you need any ideas.

One thing I really want to mention is I did treat myself at the weekend! So it’s not all that bad, I got to have a few drinks and a take away. I just made sure I was good for all the other days.

So I weighed myself after just over a week and I am 76.2 kilograms (11 stone 9lbs, meaning I lost just over 5 pounds).

I am so delighted! The hard work definitely paid off and it motivates me to continue and work even harder!

Can’t wait to start next week with more classes and a personal training session.

I think it’s a really good time to be doing exercise as we all know the comfort eating starts now. I can’t wait to see the improvement in my body and I won’t feel so guilty about Christmas nights out and the Christmas dinner 🙂

There is currently an offer for unlimited classes (up until December 23rd) for €65!

The timetable for all classes is below and for more information on rates and contact details please click on the link below.


Thank you for taking the time to read! I really hope this was helpful, it would be great for us all to feel good over Christmas and we’ll enjoy it much more!

For more fitness and health related content, please follow my social media links below.

Ciara ❤



3 thoughts on “How I lost 5lbs in 1 week!

  1. Great tips Ciaran and I agree. It’s too hard to loose the weight by diet alone especially for people like me who have to use the car to go anywhere as I live in the country. And we’ll done you on your weight loss woohooo!


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