Review – Timeless Truth Eye Rejuvenating Bio Cellulose Eye Mask.

I for one have an awful issue with under eye bags, mine can be very obvious and pronounced. Particularly if I am tired! My under eye area can also become quite dry and dehydrated.

I use eye cream/serum religiously everyday and I find the Kinvara Eye Wow Serum is fantastic but once the cold weather hit and our heat started coming on a lot more, I find I need something more than just the eye serum.

So when gifted me the Timeless Truth Eye Rejuvenating Bio Cellulose Eye Mask, I was delighted as it was the perfect time to try it out!

As always this is a completely honest review and is all my opinion.

Please keep reading to find out what I thought >>>

This eye mask claims to help reduce fine lines and crow’s feet. It’s special formulation of active ingredients (which include Olea Europaea husk oil which promotes skin elasticity and cell regeneration) aids the reduction of wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area. Promises to leave the skin moisturised with increased elasticity.

To start, I loved how these felt on the skin. Very cooling and surprisingly relaxing! The bio cellulose cloth itself had lots of product on it. I lay down and closed my eyes and had a little at home spa experience.

I left these eye masks on for around 15 minutes and most of the product had soaked into my skin. 

My under eye area instantly felt much plumper, smoother and definitely nourished.

Afterwards my make up applied like a dream and 3 days on my under eye area still feels quite nourished. It recommends to use 3 times a week but I feel with my skin once a week would be sufficient, but it does depend on the individuals skin.

I would highly recommend this eye mask to try if you are suffering from loss of hydration, puffiness and/or want to reduce wrinkles.

This mask is available here to buy >>>

Timeless Truth Eye Rejuvenating Bio Cellulose Eye Mask

You can also view the whole range in the link below.

Visit Beauty Belle Website

It is available to buy in a single pack or a box of 5.

A single pack retails for €4.38 and a box of 5 retails for €21.31 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful!

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Ciara ❤

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