New Favourite Healthy Brekkie :)

I’ve recently started working out again and eating very healthy during the week so I wanted to have another breakfast option, as eggs and beans can get a little boring all the time lol

Please keep reading to see what my new favourite healthy breakfast is!

Such a simple breakfast, ready in ten minutes.

All the ingredients can be bought in any supermarket. I do my shopping in Aldi or Lidl.

You will need: 1 Wholemeal Pitta, 1/2 rashers, rocket leaves (pre washed) & a tiny bit of butter.

I’d say you can pretty much sum up how this is made lol

Grill your rasher(s) for 5 – 10 minutes, turning half way until fully cooked.

Pop pitta into the toaster, when toasted be careful and cut open, spread a small bit of butter, pop as much rocket leaves in and then the rasher(s).

It is honestly so delicious! I am obsessed with rocket, it has a very peppery taste which I love. I find this breakfast quite filling and is perfect for on the go.

It is also a very affordable breakfast. All items can be purchased individually for around €1.50 and it should last you most of the week.

You can of course add tomato, spring onions, any salad really just as long as it is fresh 🙂

Rocket is also known as arugula in different countries.

Just a very quick blog, hope it was helpful 🙂

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Ciara ❤


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