Christmas Gift Guide Part 4 – For toddlers, Heatons edition.

I am obsessed with Heatons, I find them extremely affordable and have a great selection of products. In particular toys!

I know from my own daughter, who is nearly 3. She loves particular toys but gets bored of them after a while so I don’t want to be spending a ridiculous amount of money on toys.

I have purchased most of Kayleigh’s toys from Heatons. There is a much larger selection in store and you can also purchase online at 🙂

Heatons is nationwide, for more information please visit >>>

I was not sponsored or asked to do this post.

Below is a selection of some great priced toys for toddlers.

They have a great selection of extremely affordable books. I always think its good to include a few books in their presents as my daughter goes through phases of being book mad! 

Great selection of toys for boys & girls, whether it be fire engines, cranes, dolls or blocks. They have so much to offer and I would recommend checking out the full selection of toys online here >>>

Toys in Heatons are a fraction of the price compared to other toy stores and especially when buying for toddlers and younger children, they don’t care the price of a toy and I firmly believe to save your money before they are old enough to ask for the more expensive things.

Thank you for reading and really hope this was helpful 🙂

I snap all the best deals when out shopping so please add me on @mummymakeupblog 

Ciara ❤


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