4 foods that could be making you put on weight!

All the time health experts are coming out with more and more foods you should stay away from and some of these foods are quite shocking to us as we deemed them “healthy” or ok before.

It can be extremely confusing especially when you are trying to eat healthy and be health conscious. 

Most of us will know the obvious foods to stay away from when trying to lose weight. Fizzy drinks, cakes etc… (Obviously we can eat these in moderation just not always).

Last year when I decided to eat healthier I did quite a bit of research into whats good for you and whats not! And I was a bit shocked at certain foods. I never thought certain foods were actually as bad as they are. Foods that I was eating quite regularly, not realising the effect it was having on my body.

I would just like to state I am by no means a health expert. These are my thoughts, opinions and I have researched into ingredients etc…

I also would like to state I am not saying that I never eat these foods, I am a complete foodie and if I want to eat something (even if it’s bad for me) I will lol I just don’t eat it all the time. I try to be good with my eating habits and eat healthy about 80 per cent of the week. I am just more aware now that certain foods are so bad.

Please continue reading to find out 4 foods that could be making you gain weight.


Even low fat yogurt has a shocking, ridiculous amount of sugar content. And we all know I am quite conscious about sugar intake. I firmly believe it is sugar that causes the majority of weight gain. I remember when my daughter was younger and she would eat kiddies yogurt, I thought it was absolutely fine until someone pointed out how much sugar was in it. Of course she still has one every now & then but I try for her not to have them. Now there are some yogurts that are absolutely fine to have in moderation but a lot of yogurt out there is riddled in sugar and badly advertised! I am not interested in something that is low fat as I like to have fat in my diet, as it is essential for absorption of vitamins, energy, proper function of nerves & brain, maintaining healthy skin and so much more! Please look at the nutritional information on the yogurt pot before you buy. Above some of the ingredients are fructose & sucralose  which are both sugars (some can be artificial) and are both linked to obesity & weight gain.

Health Drinks.

I am guilty of enjoying a particular brand of smoothie maybe once a week and I used to defend myself saying it was all natural sugars until I properly looked at the nutritional information. I would like to note if you are eating FRESH fruit then please don’t worry about the sugar content as that is a NATURAL sugar. Whereas a lot of smoothies/health juices out there advertised as ” 2 of your 5 a day ” are actually riddled in bad sugar and not natural! Stay away from juices/smoothies that are From Concentrate.  From concentrate juice often contains added sugars. I’ve been in 2 minds about getting a juicer as I would love to make my own healthy juices. It’s definitely the way to go as you will know exactly whats in your health drink 🙂

Cereal Bars.

I remember when these first came out and everyone was obsessed. We thought this is amazing, something to snack on and it’s totally healthy!! Fast foreword about 15 years (really showing my age lol) and it’s shocking how bad some of them are for you. I don’t want to name brands but some of them have 18.3g of sugar in 1 bar!! They don’t fill you at all, you’ll get a sugar rush and then crash. I will link a very shocking list below and you can check out yourself how bad they are & which ones to stay away from!



I hate this one 😦 I’m very bad for sauce with my food! In a wrap, with sweet potato fries etc.. So the likes of Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Peri Peri are pumped full of sugar & salt to give it that flavor. It’s devastating I know but try to limit your sauce intake, I try to only have my favourite Peri Peri sauce maybe twice a week as if I was eating it everyday that could be an extra 10-20 grams of sugar and unnecessary salt going into my body every week. I know there are some reduced sugar sauces available so certainly get these as an alternative.

As always I am not preaching to you to not eat these foods, I would just like to make it more known that certain foods we thought were ok actually aren’t. It is all about moderation at the end of the day.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and thank you for reading 🙂

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Ciara ❤ 

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