Bellamianta Professional Spray Tan.

The amount of buzz and hype around the newest tanning brand is unreal! 

I heard everybody going on about it! Now I was unsure about purchasing the Rapid Mousse/Self Tanning purely because of the price and I have a tan that I absolutely love! BUT I knew I was getting a spray tan for my mums wedding so I thought, why not get a trial of the Bellamianta 🙂

Luckily one of my local salons, Chez Lee in Gort County Galway stocks it 🙂 It is €25 for a full body tan.

First some info on the tan itself 🙂

It is described as a Revolutionary Rapid Tan bursting with natural extracts, that is the ultimate skin treatment. It has an ultra smart hydration system that ensures to be quick drying whilst working to hydrate the skin and provide even coverage. 

They also claim the tan is suitable for dry/irritated skin as it is enriched with shea butter and aloe vera.

It claims to develop over a period of 2-4 hours.

2 hours being a light tan, 3 hours a medium tan and 4+ hours being a dark tan.

It is alcohol free, free from harsh chemicals & parabens.

And lastly once developed it claims to be transfer & water resistant, who doesn’t want that!!

Please keep reading to find out what I thought of Bellamianta.

I would like to state first that whatever tan I use my knees and legs always come out much darker for some reason even though I lightly exfoliate my skin 2-3 times a week and moisturise everyday. I just have bad knees 😦 And I have a little part on the top of each foot that is extremely dry and tan just clings to it. So this happens with all tans and is not a negative with this tan.

24 hours prior to the spray tan, I showered, shaved, exfoliated and moisturised. Here are my top products for pre tanning >>>

I found the application very comfortable, it was a very light mist and not too cold (some spray tans are freezing). Mary (the owner of Chez Lee) is a pro at this, she applied 2 light layers and a small bit on my face.

I instantly noticed and commented on how it didn’t look dirty and soaked in quite quickly.

Even 5 minutes after application it wasn’t fully dry but it wasn’t very sticky which I find some spray tans are.

I could instantly see how dark it was, it has a very good colour guide.

Over the course of the next few hours I could see it developing darker, which I love because I am always worried that when you shower the next day a lot of the tan will come off so I like to see it getting darker progressively.

In total I left it on for 18 hours :0 Can you tell I wanted a dark tan lol Below is pre shower pictures.

When I woke up the next day it had significantly gotten darker, so I hopped in the shower. I did not shampoo or use any shower gel etc… I just stayed in the shower until the water ran clear. Which to my surprise did not take long at all. The majority of the tan stayed on! 

This is definitely a tan for someone who’s looking for a deep, dark colour! 

Below is after showering. Tan is coming up a little lighter in pictures.

I thoroughly moisturised after the shower. Another thing to note is that tan usually doesn’t stay on my underarms but thumbs up for Bellamianta, it’s nice and even 🙂

24 hours on and I have noticed it’s patchy on my legs. Now it could be for a number of reasons. Tan never takes to my legs, I’ve been wearing jeans and/or I left it on too long.

I’m thinking I left it on too long before showering. And it has really clung to very dry patches, even though I do moisturise and exfoliate very regularly. 

Besides those negatives, I do really like this tan as it’s the best spray tan I’ve tried so far. My chest, neck, arms, tummy & back are perfect and as long as those areas are perfect I don’t care lol

I started exfoliating in the shower after 2 days and it left a lovely natural tan. I used Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. 

My advice, if you have a pale complexion do not to leave it on any longer than 10/12 hours before showering the excess off.

For the wedding I got the spray tan done around 11am and I showered at around  9pm. It was PERFECT! Still lovely & dark. It lasted much longer and did not go patchy. I am so impressed with this tan and can’t wait to go back and get tanned again 🙂

This tan is perfect for someone looking for a deep/dark tan. 

Bellamianta spray tan is stocked in various salons around the country including Chez Lee, Gort, County Galway 091-630001 AND for more information please click here >>>

Thank you for taking the time to read & I hope this was helpful 🙂

What are your experiences and thoughts of this tan??

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Ciara ❤




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