Health Kick: Week 3 Update! Damn You PMS :(

I want to start this off by saying, I am not obese, according to the BMI (Body Mass Index) I am right bang smack in the middle meaning I am a completely healthy weight. So I am beginning to wonder, because I am at a healthy weight now compared to last year, maybe it is that bit harder to lose a few pounds.

And then unfortunately some of us women get PMS 😦 I for definite suffer ridiculously with the food cravings! I could literally be starving at 12 o clock at night and nothing will fill me. I often say I am like a bottomless pit.

Start of the week I was feeling good, diet and healthy eating was going great but by Tuesday night I could feel the hunger and just knew I was due my monthlys. 

I knew straight away I would not have a loss this week.

I tried to eat as healthy as possible even though all I wanted to do was eat all around me.

My typical diet this week consisted of >>>

Breakfast – Low GI Bread toasted with snap pot Heinz Beans/Spagetti Hoops, Fried eggs & Rasher. Alternated throughout the week..

Lunch – Tomato & Basil soup with buttered bread roll, Aldi Fishcakes with rocket & spinach salad and Chicken salad with lettuce, mixed peppers, red onion, small bit of potato salad and seeded bread roll. Again alternated throughout the week.

Dinner – Turkey Stirfry >>>

I also had Spagetti Bolognase with a mixture of brown & white pasta, Chicken Fajitas with rocket salad, guacamole and sweet potato fries, Spicy chicken with lots of veg and wholegrain rice. I had a takeaway Friday night.

I am completely blaming my PMS for last weeks never ending hunger. I filled the hunger with Breaded Cod & Rocket Salad, Grapes, handful of Doritos (one night), Beans on toast, Peri peri Mug Shot, Healthy Chicken wrap with salad and homemade guacamole. All of this was throughout the week and I genuinely tried to be as healthy as I could but sometimes I just had to have what I craved, like the Doritos lol

The weather was fairly dry all week so me and my daughter went out for walks (well I walked as I pushed her on her bike lol) so there was a bit of exercise throughout the week. 

I had a lot of herbal teas and water throughout the week. 5/6 cups a day and at least 2 litres of water a day.

I weighed myself on Friday definitely knowing I wasn’t down weight and that there could be a possibility I was up weight. I firmly believe when you are pre menstrual you have a lot of water retention and are bloated.

I weighed myself Friday morning and I had gained half a pound.

I was down at my mothers over the weekend and I had to try on my bridesmaid dress. About a month ago was the last time I tried it on and you know when something fits fine but it would be just perfect if you lost a few pounds, well that’s what it was like then. I tried it on Saturday and felt much more comfortable in it so I may have actually lost inches.

At the start of this, tracking my progress health kick, I took my measurements so I must check again to see. 

Overall I am very happy. I don’t want to lose much weight, maybe a pound or 2 but I would love to flatten my tummy.

Going back to what I said at the start of this post, it could be a number of things as to why I’m finding it hard to lose weight. I don’t want to stress about it so I’ll just let it be and continue with healthy eating as that is a change I have made for life.

Current weight – 11 stone 11.1 pounds

This is the last of the weekly updates for now. 

I will do updates every now and then, maybe if I reach my goal or even if I don’t.

Thank you for following the updates and hopefully they might have been helpful or useful.

For more health related posts, please follow my social media accounts below 🙂

Ciara ❤




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