Health Kick: Week 2 update! Bit better :)

I was slightly disappointed with last weeks results as I had ruined it all by eating & drinking a bit unhealthier at the weekend! So this week I decided to weigh myself on the Friday as I knew I had a hen party and again there would be a lot more drink and food consumed lol

I had a good mindset with my diet this week with 1 or 2 splurges but overall it was very healthy.

I would just like to state when I say “diet” I mean what I ate, I am not “on a diet”.

A quick run through of this weeks diet & exercise >>>

Most of the week my breakfast consisted of fried eggs & rashers OR Benefit (Aldi cereal) with Low fat Milk. Breakfast was always accompanied by a herbal tea and/or water.

Lunch varied this week, we love the Aldi microwaveable soups, I know they can be high in sugar so I went for the lowest sugar option which was Chicken and vegetable. I stayed away from bread with my soup this week. I also had a tuna & sweetcorn wrap (no mayonaise) and another day I had (my new obsession) fillet of cod with rocket salad and homemade guacamole (very basic guacamole).

I am loving the breaded fillets of cod from Aldi, they are so delicious and my daughter is also loving them! For guacamole, peel the avocado and scoop out the soft part into a bowl, add juice from a lemon or lime and mash with a fork. It is so delicious with the cod and salad.

Dinners for the week included Cajun Chicken with veg, guacamole & salad, Cajun & fajita mince with veg and sweet potato, spagetti bolognaise , homemade chicken curry and a cheat of Apache Pizza on Friday lol 🙂

I had bought grapes and strawberries to snack on if I was feeling peckish in the evenings and to my surprise I didn’t even eat all the grapes and the strawberries are still in the fridge. I also snacked on mixed nuts (just a handful).

Lots of water and herbal tea was also drank. I purchased a net of lemon & limes so I had lots of pints of water with slices of lemon and/or limes which really flushed and detoxed my body.

I of course was still having a few cups of normal tea everyday, maybe 4 cups. I don’t take sugar just low fat milk.

Exercise, again this week could have been better but with my mums hen party coming up I was quite preoccupied doing last minute bits in the evening. 

I did a 5.5k walk on the Monday and about 15/20 minutes on an exercise bike I think twice.

As I am writing this, it is Monday night and I didn’t do a walk tonight. It is very hard to get the motivation especially when the weather is horrendous 😦 I am going to try and not worry too much about exercise at the moment just my diet.

I feel if you do a good healthy grocery shop, it will be much harder to eat crap! I do all my food shop in Aldi (this is not an ad) I just genuinely love the range they have and good quality, affordable food. 

Starting week 3 today and I did my grocery shop, getting my usual bits. Practically all fresh produce and the rest being noodles, passata etc…

I wanted to feel good going off to the hen party as I had bought a dress that was stunning and wanted to feel comfortable in it. I was absolutely delighted with how I felt in it and without wanting to sound full of myself I felt fantastic and looking back at pictures I want to keep this figure. I am by no means perfect I have plenty of rolls, lumps and bumps but I am very happy right now and eager to start week 3 with more healthy eating.

So I am very happy to say I lost 2 pounds on weeks 2 🙂

Current weight – 11 stone 10.6 pounds 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read! We can all live a healthier lifestyle, just by making small changes 🙂

Ciara ❤



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