Yes I’m talking Christmas shopping on a budget!

I am a big bargain shopper! My family does not have the means to just buy what we want, whenever we want so the majority of the time I am looking up the best deals online and when sales will be on instore.

I also save with the Credit Union as coming upto Christmas can be a very stressful time money wise for a lot of people, including ourselves.

I actually started saving for Christmas in May. Good thing I did as there is a lot of expense even before Christmas for us. A hen party, a wedding, a 50th, NCT and then Christmas! And there’s probably more things but I don’t even wanna think about them yet lol

I am just going to say the dreaded word in September!!! CHRISTMAS!!! Yes I have started Christmas shopping! There are so many great deals now and it’s not a manic shopping experience like December will be! Also I can pick up a few bits now and then and I won’t be broke around Christmas.

So here are a few of my favourite places to pick up bargains!

Heatons – 24 stores across the country, more information at 🙂

I am obsessed with Heatons! In particular they have an amazing toy sale which started in August and will run until Christmas. I picked up a lovely baby doll set for my daughter with loads of accessories for only €12 and there were lots of other bits I seen that I will be getting. They also have gorgeous decorations and everything you will need for your Christmas table at very reasonable prices. I really like their candle range for small pressies and finally their kids clothing selection is gorgeous and very reasonably priced 🙂 Larger Heatons stores also have Sports World which are a bit more affordable than other Sports shops. 

SportsDirect – 🙂

Just in case you didn’t know, Heatons has a lot of the same kids clothing as Sports Direct which is handy because you can have an idea on the clothing sizes when ordering from Sports Direct. I would advise subscribing with your email as they regularly send out emails on upcoming sales etc.. and you can get great bargains! Brands include Nike, addidas, Asics & hundreds more! They have brilliant character clothing including, Marvel, Batman, Fireman Sam, My Little Pony, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty & much more! I picked up 2 t-shirts for my little cousin for less than a fiver 🙂 They also have a toy section, sunglasses, handbags, make up & accessories. And finally if you are buying for an avid football supporter they have a great selection of team products.  As I mentioned when talking about Heatons, Sports World is Sports Direct from what I understand 🙂

Tesco 🙂 Must be 100 stores across Ireland.


I only realised the bargains you could get in Tesco when I started working there about 4 years ago. I have since left but I always pop in to see whats on offer. They do AMAZING clothing sales every now and then! Check out reduced to clear products, they are usually at the end of aisles. In particular toys get reduced down to half nothing! They are also doing a 50% off everything media sale right now ( CD’S, DVD’S, Games Consoles, Games etc..) From what I understand it is until stocks last so hurry on and get in there!! Health & beauty products also come and go so check in the reduce to clear sections 🙂 Also if you don’t put up your decorations till quite late they reduce the majority of decorations about a week before Christmas.

Lidl & Aldi 🙂 

All throughout the year Lidl & Aldi have special buys every week. This can range from clothing to toys to beauty products, you name it they have it all! I regularly check their websites, & to see whats coming in. I have picked up a few bits so far at quite reasonable prices. I ususally pick stuff up in my weekly shop and just pop it away so Kayleigh can’t find it lol 

Penney’s/Primark 🙂 🙂 🙂


Of course Penney’s was going to be in this list! 🙂 I pick up loads of small bits in here, they have such a variety of stuff. They have an amazing homeware section where I pick up loads for my mother, mother in law etc… and it’s great for picking up small bits. They have an amazing beauty & jewellery section. And its always great for picking up stocking fillers like socks lol 🙂

I will be snapping whenever I am out shopping and I always snap the best deals that I spot so make sure you are following me on snapchat (if you want to lol).


Especially leading up to Christmas, I will snap as often as I can and hopefully I find some bargains for you 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and what I was hoping from this blog is that everyone saves a little money 🙂

Ciara ❤




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