Health Kick: Week 1 update! Not as I’d hoped :(

Okay let me start off by saying it wasn’t a disaster but just not what I was hoping for!

I would also like to state I know some people may think I shouldn’t be eating certain foods but this is what had been working for me so am going back to it 🙂

I started off the week with great intentions and headed off out power walking on Monday night. I did about 5.5km and I also did muscle exercises which included push ups, squats, plank, sit ups & used the kettlebell. 

I won’t go through my diet for the whole week as that will bore you to tears lol so I will just do a run through of Monday, as up until Friday it was pretty much the same all week.

Breakfast – A bowl of Benefit (Aldi) cereal with red berries & low fat milk. This kept me nice and full until lunch time.

Lunch – Fresh made up salad from Centra with chicken, lettuce, sweetcorn & red onion.

I will admit I did have an ice cream around 5pm but it was not my fault lol. That was my only “cheat” until Friday rolled around 🙂

Dinner – Chicken Stirfry, recipe here (without chorizo) >>>

I had plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day and evening!

I was feeling peckish around 9pm so I had another bowl of Benefit cereal with milk.

I am very bad for getting peckish in the evening so I was trying to be as healthy as possible so this week I got grapes and strawberries to snack on.

The rest of the weeks diet was very similar with lots of water and herbal teas.

But Monday was the only evening where I did a good walk! The rest of the week was just little walks with my daughter. I did a bit of muscle exercises but nothing probably worth noting.

Then Friday came along lol 🙂 I headed out with one of the girls and had a few drinks.

Absolutely no exercise was done Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Unless you count dancing the night away in Icon 🙂 

I won’t get into detail but I had a ridiculous amount of takeaways over the weekend and it affected my results 😦

Sunday night I had a lot of herbal teas to try and beat the bloat. I was ridiculously bloated because of all the crap I filled my belly with and sorry if this is tmi but I was so gassy lol

I am not happy with last week at all, I ate quite well during the week but ruined it all at the weekend!

Thankfully I am not up weight, I have stayed the same! It could have been worse. I think the herbal teas really prevented a weight gain.

My mums hen party is this Saturday so definitely a few drinks will be had! But I am making a promise to myself not to do the dog on it with junk!

As I am writing this, I am sipping on a pint of water with lemon & lime 🙂 And I will be going for a power walk soon! I did a great grocery shop today to prepare me for the week! Hopefully next week I will be happier 🙂

Onwards and upwards from here! And as the quote says above, Today is a new beginning 🙂

Current Weight – 11 stone 12 pounds.

Ciara ❤




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