My Current Skin Care routine for Oily Skin.

I occasionally suffer from breakouts because of my oily skin and the normal hormonal breakouts. I know that it is in the long term a blessing I have oily skin as its been known that oilier skin shows the signs of ageing at a much slower pace than other skin types. But I still have […]

8 Favourite BUDGET Beauty Buys under a Fiver :)

I have compiled a list of the best budget beauty products under €5 in my opinion, that should be a staple of everyones make up bag 🙂 It’s hard to resist a beauty product when it is super affordable! What makes it even better then is if the beauty product is AMAZING!! I have quite […]

First Impressions – Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation & Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette.

Catrice have seriously upped their game in the last year or so with high quality affordable products. With them being sold in Penney’s and more & more pharmacies now they are more accessible than ever to achieve a “flawless” professional look on a budget. I am a fan of their products in general with one […]

Health Kick: Week 3 Update! Damn You PMS :(

I want to start this off by saying, I am not obese, according to the BMI (Body Mass Index) I am right bang smack in the middle meaning I am a completely healthy weight. So I am beginning to wonder, because I am at a healthy weight now compared to last year, maybe it is […]

Emmy Awards 2016 Style! Hits & Misses :)

I am not some sort of a fashionista (I’m far from it tbh) but I do love seeing the style at award ceremony’s 🙂 It is much bolder now and people are taking much more risks on their outfits, not all of them paying off in my opinion.  Overall I always find myself disliking a […]

Foundations for Dry Skin! :)

As we are coming into Autumn/Winter and the weather is becoming much colder, the skin can become much drier. Regardless of your skin type. I know for myself that even though I have predominantly oily skin, when Autumn/Winter rolls around I find my skin is not as oily and I can wear a lot more […]

Make-up & Hair by Catherine Hickey <3

My mum has booked Make-up & Hair by Catherine Hickey for her wedding in October and wanted us all to get trials. I was only delighted so I planned a girly night out afterwards as I wasn’t heading back home looking fabulous with nothing to do lol  I feel so terrible that I can’t remember […]