Fallen off track :( What I am doing about it!

June 2015 I decided I was going to get fit, healthy and lose some weight. I was never overweight but I had some issues with my stomach. I’ve always had a big tummy and always been very self conscious about it. 

I did so well, I lost 2 stone through power walking, muscle exercises (squats, push ups etc…) and healthy eating.

The regular power walking stopped around October 2015 and I just went out every now and then.

I maintained my 11 stone 8/9 pounds weight for about 9/10 months through healthy eating, lots of water & herbal teas but in the last few weeks my clothes have started feeling a little tighter and my tummy has started to really bother me again. Actually one of the first signs was that my bra was feeling that bit tighter and correct me if I’m wrong but for a lot of women when they gain weight it goes straight to the boobs and when they lose weight that’s the first place it goes from, well it does for me anyway.

I decided to weigh myself and I am 11 stone 12 pounds.

I know that is not a crazy weight gain but it has slowly been creeping up and will continue to do so if I don’t do anything about it.

I am very lucky that I am quite tall and can pull off a little weight gain but I can feel it in my clothes and being uncomfortable with parts of my body again so I just want to get back to feeling happy with my body.

I have essentially lost track with my healthy lifestyle with too many takeaways 😦

When making home cooked meals they are still super healthy, a few of my recipes are up in the health and lifestyle section 🙂 But the increased processed foods has become too regular!

My mum is getting married in 5 weeks and that is my goal to get down to a comfortable weight again and just feel better about myself!

I will do weekly blogs on my progress, what I have been eating and what exercises I have been doing etc…

If anybody else has been struggling with weight gain or essentially “fallen off track”, let’s do this together! Please keep me updated on what you are doing, eating etc… I am always looking for tips!

I don’t want this to be a motivational thing or patronising whatsoever, I just wanted to share as someone else might have needed to read this.

Current Weight – 11st 12lbs 

Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

Ciara ❤




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