June/July Favourites <3

June and July were very busy months trying out lots of new things!

This blog post isn’t just beauty products but general favourites 🙂

Let’s start off with make up ❤

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette – available in Boots, http://www.boots.ie http://www.sleekmakeup.com and http://www.cloud10beauty.com for around €10.99 ❤

I’ve had this palette over a year and always loved it but hadn’t used it in ages but have been reaching for it a lot lately! I just love the selection of shades in particular the purples and golds! So pigmented, creamy and long lasting 🙂

Sleek Matte Me Shabby Chic – available in Boots, http://www.boots.ie select Superdrugs, http://www.littlewoodsireland.ie and http://www.sleekmakeup.com for around €6.99 ❤

Sleek released new shades into their matte me range and once I seen the shade Shabby Chic I fell in love instantly and I knew I needed it in my life!! It was impossible to find at first but it slowly made its way into shops and I finally got my hands on it 🙂 I own one of the older shades and was not impressed at all but this must be a new formula or something because its brilliant! I also hated the old applicator and they thankfully changed that 🙂

Sleek Face Form Palette – available in Boots, select Superdrugs and http://www.sleekmakeup.com for around €14 ❤

Okay last of the Sleek I promise lol 🙂 But this is also another product I have ages but again reaching for it a lot more lately. All 3 sections (contour, highlight & blush) are fantastic which can’t be said by a lot of other brands palettes. In particular the blush I am loving lately, so summery ❤

Penney’s Make Up Storage – Available in select Penney’s/Primark stores, prices starting from €4 🙂

Once I seen the make up brush holders I was obsessed, I love the bright colours and they just add a bit of oomph to your make up area 🙂 They are not the best storage but for the price you can’t go wrong!

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush – Available here >


I have not used this brush in a very long time and was only by chance I picked it out of my make up bag and remembered how amazing it was! It is brilliant for blending shadows deep into the crease and does not suck up product! I think it has been repackaged in Boots Ireland & UK so can’t say if its the same of not but the original is definitely available on the American site for $6.99 🙂 Credit to theblackpearlblog.com for the up close pic!

Now that’s it for make up 🙂 I do have a favourite restaurant/takeout at the moment and I am literally obsessed!!!

LANA Asian Street Food ❤ Located in Raheen Limerick, Castletroy Limerick, Salthill Galway & Ennis Co. Clare, please visit http://www.lanathai.ie for more information.

There has been a lot of buzz over Asian street food in the last year and when Lana’s opened near my mothers we knew we had to try it! The food is so full of flavour and in my opinion a much healthier version of eating out and take away. It tastes so good you’ll soon forget about your usual take away 🙂 My personal favourites are Straight from the Wok Three seasoning sauce with noodles OR Chilli & Thai herbs. It also has a great kids menu, my daughter loves the Superhero noodles with chicken and simple vegetables (not that she eats the veg lol). 

Right here I was going to pop in my 2 cami tops from River Island but they are no longer available. But they do have some amazing other cami tops that I actually want now lol I find they have been perfect for Summer and I think they’d even be fab worn during the Autumn as well. They are casual but yet still smart/sexy and I find them very flattering for all body types/shapes. Here is the link >>>


A lot of other stores came out with cami tops at cheaper prices but the quality is just not the same! And I do find the River Island cami’s affordable and a great price for the quality.

Thank you for taking the time to read, what are your July favourites???

Ciara ❤


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