First Impressions – Penney’s PS Instant Tan.

I was very excited with the announcement that the Penney’s/Primark brand PS was releasing a tan range.

They have a whole load of stuff including a pre tan exfoliator, face gradual tan, instant tan and a body gradual tan (which I will have a blog post soon about).

These products slowly made there way down the country and I purchased mine in Penney’s Crescent Shopping Centre Limerick.

It is available in Light & Dark. And it retails for €4 🙂

Here are my thoughts on the product 🙂

I purchased shade dark, which in hindsight was not a good idea as I do not have a dark skin tone. But I do like a dark tan when possible 🙂

First off the packaging is very nice & basic. And a very decent amount of product.

The product itself has a very nice scent, tropical 🙂

I found it was very easy to apply and a little went a long way!

It dries relatively quick (within 10 minutes).

It is definitely a dark shade, bit on the orange side but probably my fault as I should have got the light tan.

The pictures below aren’t doing it justice at all, it is much darker in person.

It does not claim to be waterproof but I didn’t think it would completely disappear if a drop of liquid landed on it lol I accidentally spilled some tea on my wrist and it completely smudged 😦 Left a really ridiculous looking patch!

I found it to wear quite patchy after a few hours, as you can see above, my neck became very patchy. Also the inside of my elbows were very patchy. 

I wasn’t expecting it to last that long but a little longer would have been great lol

Overall I think its an alright tan if you have nothing else to use and need to tan in a hurry.

I will more than likely use again as it was super easy and quick to apply and the price is so affordable.

I have used tans much more expensive than this and they were crap!! So all in all this is a reasonably ok product 🙂

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Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading 🙂

Ciara ❤

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