The Burren Nature Sanctuary.

Less than 5 minutes outside of Kinvara Co. Galway is The Burren Nature Sanctuary 🙂 Situated on a 50 acre organic farm it has everything you want for a family day out! It is not just for families but tourists, nature enthusiasts, photographers, the list could go on!! I live only 15 minutes away and cannot believe […]

Want Whiter Teeth??

I am very blessed to have relatively white teeth (of course I have the odd stain etc..) But it’s probably down to the fact that I’ve always been very religious about brushing my teeth with whitening toothpaste and using teeth whitening strips on & off. There’s an obsession with having blinding white teeth and people […]

American Drugstore Haul :)

I have a strange obsession with American superstores like Walmart, Target etc… I think it’s because it is different to what we have here in Ireland! So when my partners parents said they were going on holiday to America I jumped at the chance and knew this was my shot at getting a few bits […]