Top Netflix Picks :)

Everyone and their mother is obsessed or knows about Netflix! But it can be very overwhelming in not knowing what to watch!

Im a fecker for binge watching series, so here are my top picks for Netflix series 🙂

WARNING! You may become addicted and please don’t blame me for lack of sleep and being late for work etc… 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Killing

Currently my obsession! 4 seasons of crime solving dark drama. Twists and turns in literally every episode and constantly on the edge of my seat watching this! Have to be patient watching this though! I’m currently on season 3 and don’t know what I’ll watch when its finished 😦

Orange is the new black

This is a cult show! 4 seasons based on a group of women incarcerated following their drama, happiness, heartache etc… I get attatched to some characters and really feel their pain! Tears will definitely be shed! And supposedly it’s been renewed for another 3 series 🙂 If you havn’t seen this yet I would highly recommend 🙂

The Good Wife

A whole 6 seasons to watch of this political drama! I’m waiting for the final season to be added to Netflix. This show is full of drama, deceit, love affairs etc… I find the main character Alicia Florrick can get a little irritating but I got over it as they are so many other wonderful characters. This is definite binge watching material 🙂

Sons of Anarchy

Another crime drama, Im sensing a pattern here lol. 7 seasons of craziness, thats the only word to describe it. This is probably one of my all time favourite shows because of the characters and craziness. It went a bit mad for 2 seasons but I didn’t mind! The last 2 seasons in particular were brilliant and no matter how tough you think you are, tears will be shed towards the end!

Making a Murderer 

This series is UNBELIEVABLE! You’ll be scratching your head after every episode with 100 questions!! Is he guilty or not?? The injustice is what gets me! There is updates on his case nearly every day, the world is livid with this! One of the best series ever made and its true life!!!


Another off the edge of your seat series! Unfortunately Netflix only has 4 seasons and there is 5 in total, it might make it’s way to Netflix soon though. Claire Danes is outstanding in this political thriller! Again full of twists and turns 🙂


An all time favourite! This really quirky tv series about a blood splatter analyst who takes vengenance against people who have wrong done! Excellent series, my favourite season was with The Trinity Killer 🙂 It went off the rails a bit in seasn 8 (final season) but it’s definitely worth watching up until then! Netflix has all seasons!

Breaking Bad

One of the best shows of all time, from start to finish! You see the demise and change in characters caused by their producing and selling of crystal meth. I’m sure the majority of you will have seen this but if you havn’t this is a must watch!! All series are available on Netflix 🙂

I’m gonna stop there because I’m sure I’d end up thinking of some more lol

Also none of these are appropiate for children. 

Just want to make that clear just in case 🙂

I hope you found this helpful and happy binge watching 🙂 🙂 🙂

What are your favourite Netflix series????

Ciara ❤

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