Perfect Base for holidays! :)

If your heading away on a sunny holiday this year (I’m already jealous btw) then I would highly recommend the following CC Cream.

I’m not heading away anywhere this year 😦 Unless the Aran Islands count for a hen party 🙂

But I purchased this last year as I was going to Salou in Spain and wanted something to wear for evening and night.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream.

It has 3 colour correcting pigments.

Apricot for anti fatigue.

Green for anti redness.

White for anti dark spots.

It has SPF 15 and promises to provide 24 hour hydration.

It also is an oil free formula.

It is available in 4 shades. Ivory, Light Beige, Rose Beige & Bronze.

I purchased shade light beige as I had a bit of a colour before heading off.

I noticed straight away it is slightly yellow toned meaning it would not suit someone who has only cool skin undertones (never tans,always burns). But if you are neutral, like myself or have a warm skin undertone this should be fine.

It applies so easily & evenly. 

I don’t even use a brush to apply. I just use my fingers and it blends so well!

What surprised me the most was the coverage. It is very natural looking but has decent coverage whilst adding a luminosity to the skin. 

I suffer from a bit of redness on my cheeks and sides of the nose and this conceals it perfectly.

From what I can remember of last year I don’t think I even wore concealer for my under eye bags. I certainly didn’t need it the last few times I’ve worn it which is very recent.

First pic above is from last week and other 2 are from last year.

I personally love how how it has good coverage but yet you can still see my skin!

It is extremely lightweight and not cakey.

It is relatively long lasting.

From wearing it last week I got around 6/7 hours out of it.

I always apply a mattifying powder on top of this, especially when abroad as even at night it can be quite humid and hot in Spain.

It never once started “running” off my face and I never got shiny.

I really love this product! At home & away 🙂

This is available in Boots, & Superdrug for around €10.50 🙂

Ciara ❤



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