First Impressions – PS Brow Gel.

Penney’s/Primark’s PS Beauty range can be hit & miss. But I’ve wanted to try a brow gel for some time and thought no better chance to when I seen PS had one out.

Brow gels are meant to >>>

  • Keep unruly brows in place.
  • Tint the brow hairs.
  • Shape the brows.
  • Some can set the brows after another product has been applied (usually it would be a clear brow gel).

I purchased the Brow Gel in shade Dark Brown in the Cork City Penney’s for €1.50 (What a steal!!). I am sure they have more shades but I thought dark brown would suit me most.

I really like the packaging, it is nice & compact, perfect to pop into the handbag.

I also like the applicator, nice & small, perfect size.

First thing I noticed is, it is extremely pigmented which is brilliant for a cheaper product.

Unfortunately I think it is too dark for me. I find it is more on the black side than brown.

As I said it is extremely pigmented and coats each hair full of colour.

It sets & dries quite quickly and does not budge for the day. It is smudge & sweat proof.

I do find it can look quite “fake”, so I brushed over with a separate brow spoolie.

It does not give the look of a defined brow, more so a fuller natural brow.

As you can see above in the top picture, I have applied the gel to one eyebrow so you can see for yourself it is really pigmented.

I think this product is super handy if you want your brows done in 2 minutes.

I really like the fact that it gives me some sort of a brow. It fills them in and gives them depth & colour.

It is my fault that I got the wrong shade and sure ya wouldn’t mind as it only cost €1.50.

I will continue to use this until I get a lighter shade.

It’s just so handy that it only takes under 2 minutes to do my brows in the morning.

This product was very easily removed with micellar water.

Have you tried this product? What do you think??

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Ciara xXx


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