Getting to know me challenge :)

I was going to do one of those 30 day blog challenges & I was searching online for them but there was always a few questions in there that I DID NOT LIKE LOL 

I was not comfortable answering some of them and felt they were a little too personal to be putting up here.

So I’ve gone with another challenge 🙂

I will be answering 25 questions about myself and if your not interested stop reading now lol 🙂

1: What is your middle name? My middle name is Sinead, after my godmother 🙂

2: What was your favourite subject at school? I really didn’t like school but I didn’t mind Home Economics. They was a wide variety stuff to do which I liked. I liked the cooking 🙂

3. What is your favourite drink? I love sparkling water and herbal teas. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke but had to break that habit.

4: What is your favourite song at the moment? I love loads of songs at the moment but haven’t a clue who sings them or the name of the song lol but I do love Mike Posner – Ibiza 🙂

5: What is your favourite food? I LOVE Pizza 🙂 I could literally eat it all day, everyday. But I also love anything in a wrap like fajitas, taco’s etc… Oh and Sweet Potatoe 🙂

6: What is the last thing you bought? Diesel for the car.

7: Favourite book of all time? I’m not a massive reader but I do like the author Marian Keyes, in particular I loved the book Rachels Holiday.Very funny & serious at the same time.

8: Favourite Colour? It depends. When it comes to make up I love browns, golds etc…But I’ve always loved pink since I was a child 🙂

9: Do you have any pets? No not yet! My daughter is mad to get a puppy, shes obsessed with dogs. I’ve told her dad to fix the side gate and we’ll get one. I told him that about 2 months ago and I’m still waiting lol

10: Favourite Perfume? Probably Ralph Lauren Romance or The Body Shop White Musk.

11: Favourite Holiday? If this means a national holiday then definitely Christmas time 🙂 I love once Autumn starts because we are getting excited for Halloween and then Christmas isn’t long after that 🙂 I do love Halloween as well. Since we moved into our own house we go all out decorating 🙂

12: Are you married? No not yet anyway…. *hint hint* Kyle hahaha…

13: Have you ever been out of the country? If so how many times? I’ve been very lucky that my parents brought me on holdays abroad and I have been away on holidays with my boyfriend quite a bit. It’s probably over 20 times. I lived in the UK when I was much younger. I’ve been to New York, Spain, Morocco & UK.

14: Do you speak any other language? Not fluently. I know a few words in Irish, French and Spanish.

15: How many siblings do you have? 4.

16: What is your favourite shop? That’s a difficult one. I do love Homestore and more, Yankee Candle & Penneys 🙂

17: Favourite Restaurant? I’ve a few but off the top of my head, Da Vincenzo Limerick, Peony Court Limerick, Marco Polo Limerick & Jasmine Palace Limerick.

18: When was the last time you cried? I think it was last week.

19: Favourite Blog? I have a few favourites, it changes quite a bit though. I love The Beautiful Truth, Lauras Views (shes on youtube) & Behind Green Eyes 🙂

20: Favourite Movie: Tough to pick just one….. The 2 that I’m thinking of are Armageddon & Beaches. I bawl my eyes out watching both.

21: Favourite TV Shows? I am a tv addict! Where do I start lol… Total Divas, Mob Wives, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Scandal, How to get away with Murder, One Tree Hill, Gavin & Stacey and that’s just naming a few!

22: PC or Mac?? I had a MAC and it broke twice within 2 years so not the biggest fan. Currently using a HP Pavilion and its going great, no problems yet.

23: What phone do you have? What a boring question!!! An iPhone 5C.

24: How tall are you? Quite tall. 6ft.

25: Can you cook? I like to think so, I enjoy cooking and I like to take my time which wrecks my boyfriends head lol

So that was a bit tame, nothing too exciting in there. But I was mad to do one of those challenges but realised I really didn’t want to be sharing certain things about myself. My views on certain topics, answering certain questions etc…

So yeah I am a bit of a chicken!!

If this is something you’d like to see more of please let me know.

This was a very basic getting to know me blog post.

Ciara ❤


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