Summer beauty essentials <3

In light of the crazy hot weather we are having right now in Ireland (May 2016), I thought I would do a little blog 🙂

Your beauty regime can drastically change during the Summer months when it becomes suddenly hotter. Well if your in Ireland anyway we usually get about 10 really hot days over the whole Summer lol

Taking care of your skin is extremely important in the sun. Whether at home or abroad.

Here are my Summer beauty essentials >>>

Sun Protection.

lidl spf

It is so important to wear a good spf all year round but in particular when temperatures are higher than normal. Lidl offer some extremely reasonable and great quality sun protection. I recently purchased a factor 50 for my daughter and an invisible spray oil factor 20 for myself and partner. I applied the factor 50 to my daughter around 3pm and didn’t need to top it up throughout the rest of the day.`On the second day of using it was much hotter so I applied it more throughout the day but my daughter is always moving her hair out of her face etc… so she did get a little sun on her cheeks but completely fine everywhere else. The factor 20 oil is perfect for us, it is not greasy and soaks in really quickly. Of course if you are swimming you need to reapply (even if it says waterproof). Aldi also offer some extremely reasonable spf creams & oils.

Gradual Tan.


My favourite gradual tanner but use whatever is your favourite 🙂 I personally love a bit of a tan and glow when the sun comes out. I don’t want to be walking around like a milk bottle as I am super pale! The Cocoa Brown Gentle bronze is a moisturising gradual tan that gives you a hint of a tan even after one application. I find after 3 applications I have my desired shade. Of course make sure you have exfoliated and shaved beforehand 🙂 And it dries so quickly! Available in Tesco, Penneys, Boots & Superdrug ❤

Aloe Vera Gel.


The sun can suck out all hydration in the skin and dry it out, particularly if you have been burnt. I find aloe vera gel the best to instantly cool and deliver intense hydration to the skin. Aloe vera gel can also prolong a natural tan. I personally love the Kelkin Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It contains 99.9% natural aloe vera and no parabens. Kelkin is available in all leading pharmacies.

Cooling Face Mist.


This is really if you are going abroad to a much hotter country with humidity. I brought this La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water away with me last year to Spain and am using it during this amazing Irish heatwave 🙂 It is a refreshing cooling mist that soothes the skin, in particular skin affected by the sun, dermatological treatments and claims to help prevent skin ageing. It also has softening and anti-oxidant properties. I would highly recommend this product for when you are in the sun. It is available in Boots and select pharmacies.

Lip Balm.


Any lip balm with an spf will do in the sun. I love this Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm and this reminds me I need to get another one!! It is so handy to pop in the bag or your pocket and just regularly apply throughout the day. And most importantly it contains a spf 15. The lips are often forgotten about during the hot weather but if not taken care of they can become dry & chapped which mine do 😦 The Palmers is available in Boots & Superdrug ❤ 

Foot Cream.

heel genius

Your feet will have lost attention throughout the Winter/Spring and will naturally be drier. At first I didn’t really see what the fuss was about with the Soap & Glory Heel Genius but I’ve definitely grown to love it. It is a rich cream that contains glycerin which helps the skin retain water and it is also amazing for cracked heels. This is a great product and it will last quite awhile as a little goes a long way. Available in Boots.

I would recommend a facial moisturiser that contains a spf but I have yet to find one that I like so I just use sun cream. Please let me know your recommendations 🙂

This is just a quick summary of my “hot weather” beauty essentials 🙂

If I were to include make up it would be a very long blog lol 🙂

I hope this was helpful and this is just a guideline. Always make sure you are using legitimate spf suncream brands (I say that as there was some scandal last year with certain suncream brands). And everyone please stay safe in the sun, especially children! I felt like I was running after my daughter all day applying suncream lol

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you would like to see more beauty related info & chit chat, please follow my social media links below ❤

Ciara ❤



2 thoughts on “Summer beauty essentials <3

  1. Hi Ciara I really enjoy your blogs & was wondering what tinted moisturiser you would recommend for dry/dehydrated/mature skin.


    • Hi Eimear thank you! I will have a look into that as I personally have oily skin. My mum has dry/dehydrated skin and loved the boots botanics bb cream but it has since been discontinued 😔 are you in the Facebook group love beauty? Link is below. I will post up highly rated BB/tinted moisturisers and ask for recommendations.


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