Favourite bloggers <3

Before I was blogging myself I have always been obsessed with reading blogs.

I think theres no better way to find out about a product before you buy than to read reviews, first impressions etc…

First up has to be probably the first blogger/Youtuber I ever watched >>>

It’s Judy Time 🙂

Judy is an American Youtuber who showcases make up and hair tutorials. She also vlogs about parenting etc… What I love is shes very honest about products in her first impressions videos. And she seems so sweet, it’s hard not to like her 🙂


Check out her videos here >>>


The Beautiful Truth – Sinead 🙂

One of my favourite Irish blogger/Youtuber! She is extremely honest about products and seems so normal and “down to earth”. She has a youtube channel and her own website.


You can see both out here >>>



My Make Up Perspective – Laura ❤

Love this girl!! Another Irish Youtuber who has amazing make up skills but never gives herself enough credit! She loves a good bargain when it comes to make up, clothing, anything really lol She vlogs about lots of different stuff. Health, fitness, travelling and make up of course 🙂 Her banter with her boyfriend Ian is also hilarious!


Check her out here >>>


These are the three I would watch the most and on a regular basis.

I would highly recommend you start following them!

Who are your favourite bloggers and YouTubers??

Thanks for reading 🙂

Ciara ❤



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