First Impressions – PS Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Penney’s released new liquid matte lipsticks in mid March and everyone went wild for them! I didn’t think I’d have a chance picking one up but to my surprise there was 2 shades available in Eyre Square Penneys Galway 🙂

I picked up shades 02 and 03 🙂

Shade 02 being a vibrant red and shade 03 a deep dark plum with hints of red.

They retail for €2.50 (a bargain) 🙂

The first thing I noticed is they are very similar to the Sleek Matte Me.

  • Very similar packaging.
  • Very similar applicator.
  • Very similar consistency.

But PS Lipstick has a much better formula.

Applies very nicely, evenly, very pigmented. I find 2 coats is best.

They are surprisingly not too drying on the skin.

Dries to matte extremely quick and not transferable.

Only problem I encountered with it was I applied a lip balm after about 2 hours and it seemed to disappear in places 😦

I have worn both shades on 2 separate days and they are both gorgeous colours. I am so impressed with the quality.

After 3 hours I find it starts to fade a little on the outer corners etc… But still feels comfortable after the 3 hours.

Top ups will be necessary with this product but for the price I really don’t mind.

Below is shade 03 – Deep purple/plum with a hint of deep red.

Below is shade 02 – True Red ❤

I had eaten and that is why I think it dramatically faded but I just reapplied and perfect again.

I am very impressed with these products and will definitely purchase more shades if I can find them 🙂

There was plenty of shade 02 & 03 in Penneys Eyre Square Galway so head in and get them while they are still there 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed 🙂

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Ciara ❤


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