Review – Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm.

I’ve wanted to try a higher end eye cream for quite some time. Vichy is a very popular brand so I asked for a few Vichy products for Christmas. One of which was this eye balm 🙂

It claims to hydrate, visibly rebalance water distribution around the eye and smooth dehydration lines.

It also claims that from the first use the under eye area appears fresher, more awake looking and the tired look is less visible.

Dehydration lines around the eyes are usually directly under the eye where the bottom lashes end.

I have dehydration lines and quite visible under eye bags so I was very excited to try this!

vichy eye balm

This product contains 15ml which is quite normal for an eye product considering you use only a tiny amount each time.

It is perfume free and paraben free. It contains caffeine which is a very common ingredient for eye products.

I first noticed how watery the product is which I do not like. It does spread very easily which is a plus.

I have been using this product for about 4 weeks now and genuinely have not seen a difference. So I don’t know how they are saying I would notice after 1 application.

I am very disappointed in this product as I had quite high hopes for it. And considering its on a higher price point it’s quite shocking.

On the packaging it says “For a fresh & awakened look all day long”. I wasn’t expecting it to work straight away like they are claiming but I was expecting some bit of a difference. My bags are still there all the time, I’ve had to double up on the concealer 😦

This is available in select pharmacies and Boots. It retails for around €19.

I would not recommend this product. It is quite a lot of money to splash out on an eye cream/balm in the first place. I would recommend trying a cheaper alternative first.

Like the Lidl Cien eye cream I would highly recommend >>>

It is a fraction of the price and a much better product.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful 🙂

As always unfortunately this product just did not work for me. And something that does not work for me doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t for you.

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Ciara ❤


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