Favourite Dealz Buys :)

When Dealz first came to Ireland everyone became obsessed with the shop! I’m sure the staff were sick of people asking how much stuff was and “oh my god that’s only €1.49”.

Over the years they have introduced lots of budget beauty buys and once off special buys from the likes of Barry M, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Tresemme etc…

I have some solid favourites and essentials that I would definitely repurchase and/or have already repurchased.

Also just to note for UK readers Dealz is Poundland 🙂

To start an absolute favourite of mine is the Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray 🙂


This helps defend your hair against damage caused by hair straighteners, curling tongs etc… I spray this all over my hair just after my shower and I find mostly it really hydrates my hair and gives it gorgeous shine and a healthy bounce once dried. It is enriched with Argan Oil which is known to be extremely good to treat split ends and tame frizz. And of course this is €1.49 ❤

Next up was an essential for me on holidays last year. Olay Smooth Day Cream 🙂


This was perfect for me to take away on holidays. As I have quite oily skin I wanted a light daytime moisturiser and this did the job! It was not greasy and a little went a long way. Also it was great as it is a smaller sized product. Again only €1.49 ❤

An absolute favourite 🙂 M/J Duo Face Masks ❤

Love these!! They are so handy as I find face mask sachets can contain almost too much product and you end up throwing out nearly half of it. These contain just enough product for one application. Also they are lovely and soothing on the face and really do work. My favourite is the Mud Pac 🙂 €1.49 for duo pack 🙂

False Eyelashes 🙂 🙂 🙂


Depending on the store but the Limerick store quite regularly gets lots of different brands of false eyelashes. It’s a great opportunity to try different brands and styles of lashes. Personally I don’t like the Dealz own brand of lashes. I can’t seem to apply them at all but my absolute favourites are the Revlon intensifeye, here is a full review >>>


And I can’t wait to try out the other brands 🙂 All lashes €1.49 per pack ❤

Last but not least, Make Up Storage 🙂


They regularly have make up storage in stock. Different sizes, different material etc… But above is the one I picked up. I find it great for nail polishes, lipsticks, anything that will fit in there lol 🙂 They are very sturdy and best of all only €1.49 of course!! 🙂


I find every store has different special buys! I’ve picked up some amazing products in the Headford Rd. Galway store. Probably my favourite body oil, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze 🙂 But havn’t seen in any other Dealz since 😦 And more recently Tresemme shampoo & conditioner!

So my recommendation is to pick up these big brands when you see them 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed!

What are your favourite Dealz budget buys??

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