Review – Paese Matte & Cover Foundation.

I had heard a few good reviews of this relatively new brand to Ireland and found out it was stocked in a nearby pharmacy.

I was very interested in a foundation specifically for oily/combination skin.

I was advised by a girl in the store that the Matte & Cover New Improved Formula would be best for me.

It retails for €12.99.

Shade selection is quite limited with only 4 shades.

Shade 200 Porcelain.

Shade 201 Warm Beige.

Shade 202 Natural.

Shade 203 Golden Beige.

I purchased shade 201 and I find it is more of a light beige which is perfect for my skin tone.

This foundation is advertised as dedicated to oily/combination skin. It is oil free, water based and silicone enriched. It also prevents clogging pores and the formation of blackheads.

It claims to be strong coverage. I find it is quite good coverage but for strong coverage I do 2 applications. I need strong coverage as I have redness, imperfections and mild breakouts at the moment.

It is a 30ml product which is slightly smaller than most foundations but I found I didn’t need to use too much.

This foundation was so easy apply, it blends in so well and easily. Much better than a lot of other foundations that I love.

It has a nice smell to it which is another plus.

I love the finish it gave my skin. It definitely is matte but does not look too “matte”, my skin looks like it can “breathe” and theres a nice glow to my skin.

It is definitely long lasting which is very important to me.

I have tried this foundation with and without primer. Also tried with and without matte powder. I can honestly say using a primer didn’t make a difference in the longevity but naturally I got a little longer when matte powder was applied over it.

On average I’d get 8 hours before it would start disappear around my nose.

I am very impressed with this foundation and can’t wait to try some more of Paese’s products 🙂 I have written a little blog on some other products I am interested in trying. You can read it here >>>

You can purchase Paese on and 🙂

Paese is also stocked in select pharmacies around Ireland. Here is a link to the stockist list >>>

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful 🙂

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