Review – Revlon intensifeye lashes :)

I stumbled across these lashes in Dealz about 2 weeks ago and I always pick up new lashes from Dealz as they are so cheap and it’s a chance to try out new lashes 🙂

Like nearly everything else in the shop they were €1.49 each 🙂

The box contains a pair of false lashes which are reusable. The box did not contain adhesive glue.

revlon lashes

I was going out last Saturday night and thought what a  perfect opportunity to wear them.

They have a long band which I needed to cut as it was too long for my eye shape.

I used the adhesive glue from my eylure lashes. I left the glue to get tacky for about 90 seconds and applied.

I am not exaggerating I had it applied in under 30 seconds.The lash took to the shape of my eye instantly. There was no fussing and fixing for ages.

The lash itself does not look thick or bulky. They are very light but give amazing length and definitely a bit of volume.

I purchased the Volumize and Define Lashes. I am unsure if Dealz are stocking the Lengthen version.

In the pictures below I am wearing the Volumize Lashes ❤

These definitely feel more comfortable to wear, almost like I’m not wearing false lashes and they do look quite natural.

I would highly recommend these lashes and am hoping my local Dealz still has them as I will be stocking up 🙂

I cannot find these anywhere online in stock 😦 So if you do see them in Dealz definitely pick them up or at least let me know lol 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful ❤





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