Favourite Concealers :)

Everybody needs a good concealer, whether it be to disguise uneven skin tone, redness or under eye bags. For me I have quite bad under eye circles and a lot of redness on my face 😦

I have tried a good few concealers aimed to improve under eye circles and I have found 2 that I find really great. And to make it even better they are both drugstore 🙂 Yay!!

I succumb to the hype of Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I used it for a very long time so I could really discover if I liked it or not. And overall I didn’t find it to be that amazing for the price. I find it’s grand to conceal spots but doesn’t work too well for my under eye circles. I would advise to try out a cheaper concealer first if you were interested in the Urban Decay or maybe ask for a sample.

So, lets get started on my favourite concealers for under eye bags 🙂

1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer – Available in Boots, Superdrug & select pharmacies for €6.99 ❤

For me I found it does exactly what it says it does, which is brightens up the eye area, reawakens and illuminates under the eyes. It is a very lightweight formula which is very easy to blend. It is definitely full coverage and buildable. It has great longevity also. I would get a full 8 hours without creasing. Because of it being very lightweight and containing peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex I would also recommend this for an older woman. There are 4 shades available which in my opinion are quite light. I purchased shade Ivory so I can use for daytime. In the above picture I have no other make up on just the concealer under my left eye (right in pic). I just applied a small bit and blended in with my ring finger using a tapping motion. I highly recommend this concealer:)

2. Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer – Available in select Penneys & select Pharmacies for €3.99 ❤

There was a lot of hype over this budget buy and it is nearly impossible to get your hands on it so if you see it, get it!! This did not disappoint. It is a high coverage concealer that does not crease throughout the day. The formula is slightly thicker but still very natural. Again I just applied a tiny amount to my under eye circle without foundation to give you an idea. It is available in 3 shades, I have light beige and it is perfect for day or night wear. It is definitely a full coverage concealer, more so than the Rimmel. Catrice also claim this is great for irregularities and redness also. I would highly recommend you purchase this concealer. ❤

Lastly I will include a great concealer to disguise redness. I suffer quite badly with redness around my nose and high pigmentation on my cheeks etc…

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Green – Available in Shaws, littlewoodsireland & select pharmacies for around €7.75 ❤

I’ve tried quite a few green concealers to counteract redness and this is by far the best I have come across. It is a thick, creamy, highly pigmented concealer. You just apply directly to the desired area and blend gently using your finger. And then just apply foundation as normal. This concealer is so pigmented make sure that you have blended the foundation in to hide the green. This concealer is available in 11 shades including lavender for sallow skin and yellow for under eye circles (I’m thinking of purchasing the yellow).

UPDATE (16/05/16) I have found a new favourite 🙂 Full review here >>>


Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this was helpful ❤



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