Review – St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face & Body Lotion.

I purchased this in a gift set with a set of Eylure Lashes for half price in Boots over Christmas. I thought it was the perfect chance to test out a new instant tan.

The tan is in shade Light/Medium.

It claims to give a natural, golden tan that lasts for upto 24 hours. Also claims to be water & transfer resistant.

st tropez tan

The first thing I noticed was how dark the formula was and thought this was a great sign.

I applied using a tan mitt and almost instantly it’s like it starts to disappear. The consistency is quite nice, it is very like a lotion but I think this should be more advertised as a body lotion with added glow/shimmer. It is definitely too light to be considered an instant tan, almost non existent. Below is a comparison picture. Left is no tan, tan just applied and on the right is after a few hours.

st tropez tan1

As you can see there is barely a difference, just more of a glow. I know that it is a light/medium shade but compared to other light tans this is just ridiculous. I was expecting quite a good product as St. Tropez is quite a reputable brand. I will definitely not be repurchasing this product. It is available in Boots and online at for €13.49.

I will be sticking to my trusty Sally Hansen Airbrush legs 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope this has been helpful ❤


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