Review – Benefit Blushing Beauty Kit <3

I had wanted to purchase a Benefit blusher for ages. I have the Dandelion and it is so gorgeous! But wanted to try a different one. And considering they are quite expensive at €34 each I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted to part my money with another Benefit Blusher 🙂

So when Benefit brought out their Christmas gift set range I knew I had to tell my boyfriend this is exactly what I wanted 🙂

The kit contains 4 blushers/face powders, 1 matte finish bronzer, 1 cream to powder highlighter, 1 jet black mascara and 1 matte black eyeliner.

Blushers Left to Right include:

1. Dandelion a gorgeous pink, natural flush to the cheeks with a sheer finish.

2. Rockateur stunning rose gold shimmer finish. Can be used for a strong highlight.

3. Sugarbomb a peach, soft plum, pink and rose shimmer finish.

4. Hoola the perfect matte bronzing powder. Perfect for contouring.

5. Coralista a warm coral/pink shimmer.

I personally love all of these blushers/bronzers. They all suit me and I have very typical Irish skin with neutral undertones, pink and yellow. All these are slightly smaller versions but still plenty of product containing at least 4g. All of these are available in Debenhams and Brown Thomas in full size for €34 each ❤

benefit blush

Also included is watt’s up highlighter which is a cream to powder formula. I would consider it a champagne coloured highlighter. It has a gorgeous glow to it and definitely shine! Personally I think this is more for a night out and not daytime but thats just my personal preference. This is a smaller sized product containing 1.5g, the fuller sized product is available in Debenhams and Brown Thomas for €35 ❤

benefit watts up

Next up is the Benefit they’re real! Lengthening mascara. This is a smaller sized product but I’m happy with the size. They give you enough product to see do you really like the product. On Benefits official site its described as a deluxe sample containing 3.0g. This mascara is very hit and miss with people, some of my friends don’t like it all and some do but personally I think it does exactly what its meant to do. It definitely lengthens my lashes and adds volume. I would consider purchasing the full sized product. Full sized product is available in Debenhams & Brown Thomas for €26. Below on the right is no mascara and on the left is with the mascara.

benefit mascara

And lastly is Benefit they’re real! push-up eyeliner. I was very excited to try this as its a twist up gel liner pen. The first 2/3 times I used it, it was so easy to use! But after that I found the liner would dry up and I’d have to take off what had dried and it wouldn’t apply the same. It’s not a terrible liner but I will not be repurchasing this. Full sized product available in Debenhams and Brown Thomas for €25.

benefit eyeliner

I have looked online to see if this gift set is still on sale and from where I looked I can’t seem to find it 😦 But I think it was around €40. But I would highly recommend purchasing or asking for a Benefit gift set at Christmas as they bring out some amazing sets that are great value for money!

As I am writing this blog there is gift sets still on sale on and 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed ❤

Ciara xXx ❤


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