Favourite Concealers :)

Everybody needs a good concealer, whether it be to disguise uneven skin tone, redness or under eye bags. For me I have quite bad under eye circles and a lot of redness on my face 😦 I have tried a good few concealers aimed to improve under eye circles and I have found 2 that […]

Contour & Highlighting <3

Contouring and highlighting took over the world once Kim Kardashian uploaded that now infamous picture. She has gone “all out” with the contour & highlight products! Kim is using cream contour sticks/concealers which are great for a more defined finish. It can be tricky and confusing figuring out whether to use Cream or Powder products. […]

How to depot eyeshadows :)

I was recently gifted a Z Palette with Make Up Geek Shadows from my boyfriend at Christmas 🙂 What I love about the Z Palette is it’s an empty palette to store eyeshadows/blushers/lip pans etc… You can store all of your favourite loose pan products in one place whatever shape of the product! The Z […]