Review: Cara Professional 12 Piece Make Up Brush Set <3

cara pharmacy brushes

These brushes caused a lot of hype about 2 months ago when every Irish blogger received these to try out. The feedback was amazing so I knew I had to get these so I asked my boyfriend to get it for me for Christmas 🙂 So I was delighted when I opened up my pressies to find this Christmas morning 🙂

I think the main attraction to these brushes is the price. They retail for €29.50 on and in store ❤

Included is 12 synthetic brushes and a deluxe storage case. Let me say the storage case is just gorgeous!! Great quality and sturdy. I have the pink one and its just so gorgeous and girly. The brushes also have pink handles.

There are some other brands that are charging €60 – €70 for the exact same thing which personally I think is robbery!

Brush C01 is a flat foundation brush for liquid or compact foundation. The bristles are very soft and there’s great flexibility in the brush. It is not rigid or stiff. I personally don’t use a flat foundation brush for foundation but sometimes I will use this to apply concealer. ❤c01

Brush C02 is a Stippler brush which I absolutely love! It is light & fluffy. It is very different to the Real Techniques stippling brush. The Real Techniques stippling brush is very dense and you have to buff the foundation in where as this brush you can apply very quickly in circular motions around the face. Blends in so perfectly. Definitely my new favourite foundation brush.c02

Brush C03 is a large blush brush. Very nice brush that picks up blush so well and holds the pigment. Very easy to apply blush into apples of the cheeks and also to apply highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbones.c03

C04 is a Kabuki Foundation/Cream/Powder Brush. Used for contouring. It is quite dense but fluffy at the same time. Great for blending, particularly liquid/cream. c04

All of the eye brushes are very good and do what they are intended to do. C05 is a wide bristle brush, a very dense brush. Great for applying shadow in the crease. C07 is an angle eyeliner brush which is also quite dense which is great for applying eyeliner and creating a winged liner. C10 is a small compact bristle brush, I find this great for blending out the shadow as its a nice fluffy brush. C11 is a round kabuki eyeshadow brush, use this if you want more of a smoky look when blending out the eyeshadow. Its a great larger fluffy brush. C12 is a pointed kabuki eyeshadow and blender brush, very dense brush, perfect for inner eyes and under eye blending.

C06 is a concealer brush which is a nice soft somewhat dense brush. Perfect for applying and blending concealer. c06

C08 is a large powder brush and I am in love with this brush. It is so fluffy and soft. Perfect for applying bronzer and matte powder. ❤c08

Lastly is C09 a lip brush. I generally never use a lip brush but this one is intriguing me as its so dense and pointed I’d say it will line the lips perfectly. ❤c09

I am so impressed with these brushes. Especially because I think they look very high quality but yet so reasonably priced. Love the fact it came with a sturdy pretty storage case. are also great for free samples when ordering online. I got a few sample perfumes. And very quick delivery ❤

Thank you for reading & hope you enjoyed ❤

Ciara xXx


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