Review – Eylure Cheryl Sexy Senorita False Lashes <3

Now let me start off by saying I am no expert in false lashes! I can only half decently apply them lately 🙂 I’m still learning 🙂

But I have found a definite favourite! ❤

eyelure cheryl sexy senorita

Eylure Cheryl Sexy Senorita – I found these while Christmas shopping on :0 Such a random place to find false lashes but they were reduced to clear and only €4.80 while in Boots they are €7.99.

I thought I would try out a “high end” false lash. I am so glad I did as these are the best lashes I have used.

They have gorgeous length to them and look very natural.

eyelure lash piceylure lashes on

The adhesive glue is not sticky or spurts out too much like others and it goes tacky very quickly so your not waiting for what feels like forever to apply the lash. The lash itself is so easy to apply, it applies to your lash line very easily and once you have the desired position it dries very quickly and does not budge.

I didn’t even need a tweezers to apply which was so handy. I did have to cut a small bit off the lashes as they are quite long but that’s normal. Always cut from the end of the lash.

The lashes stayed perfect all night (around 6 hours) and removal was so quick & easy and no glue residue left on the eyelids. They are also reusable and the lashes still look perfect so even if I did spend €7.99 I would still be a happy customer as they are great quality 🙂

Will definitely be repurchasing ❤ ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “Review – Eylure Cheryl Sexy Senorita False Lashes <3

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